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A new—and altogether different—screen excitement! 1960/6/22 109 min.


"Psycho" is a remake of the classic French film that has been called one of the most stylishly written and well-acted movies ever made. The American remake would have you believe that it's actually a different movie, but it's not! In fact, the difference is very simple: the original "Psycho" was not a remake at all. Rather, it was simply adapted from the original French "Psycho" by a couple of writers named Gilles Peret and Jean-Paul Belmondo.

"Psycho" is considered to be one of the best French movies ever made, and it has its share of critics' awards, too. The movie stars a mysterious character known as "John," played by legendary actor Anthony Perkins. John is a cat burglar who goes by the alias of "John Rambo" and he terrorizes Paris in a well-thought-out way. He also poses as a lovely young woman named Catherine Lebas.

The movie features three sequels, each one following a different character: "The Third Killer," "The Fifth Killer," and "The Sixth Killer." Each film is a different follow-up to "Psycho," and it's easy to see why they're called "sequels." The movie takes place in two separate time periods and the story line is completely different.

There are some great points to take away from "Psycho," especially for those who want to watch the original "Psycho" on the big screen. First, the movie's success in Hollywood can't be denied - though the rights to the movie have changed hands a number of times, it's still on the market today.

In addition, "Psycho" features a charismatic leading man who never gets old. Anthony Perkins made his first appearance in "Psycho" at the end of the third film. He was so popular, the producers decided to turn him into a complete series of movies, which was done. "Psycho" was also one of the first horror movies that ever really caught on with the audience.

One of the most talked about points about the movie in Hollywood is the story line: while the original French version focused more on the psychological elements, the American remake takes a totally different approach. We see that the movie makers got a bit lazy when it came to the psychological and psychic elements of the story, which resulted in a terribly wrong movie.

The actors on the movie aren't nearly as good, either. Anthony Perkins was never exactly one of the better actors of his generation - he was a great actor, but he certainly wasn't one of the best. His co-stars included Peter Cushing, Paul Muni, Marion Cotillard, Nicholas Cage, and Halle Berry. Cushing plays a character called "The Butcher," and he is actually one of the lesser characters in the movie.

Overall, "The Redeemer" (the remake) is a lousy movie with horrible acting, a script that is overly long, and a plot that really didn't make any sense. While it doesn't rank as one of the worst movies ever made, it's far from the greatest. That distinction belongs to the "original" "Psycho." If you haven't yet seen the movie, or if you want to see it again, it's well worth the time to go back and see it again, because you will be pleasantly surprised.

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