Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

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He's up past his bedtime in the city that never sleeps. 1992/11/19 120 min.


The Home Alone 2: Lost in New York edition continues the story of Kevin as he searches for his missing family. The movie follows the same exciting storyline as the first Home Alone movie, but the sequel differs in one way - it's about online competition instead of armed robbery.

The internet has made it easier for almost anyone to get the best of anything in this new's world. The usual business deals are not possible, because of the vast global reach of the internet. So if Kevin McFly is unable to make an online deal with the owner of an online store, then he is not able to fulfill his dream of having a home in New York.

Michael may have become a legend on his own, but he was never one to expect to be royalty just by sharing his wealth. Therefore, he is not at all pleased with the very idea of being the richest guy in the entire world.

Instead, the wealthy people of New York to try to get close to him by paying him their respects and by pretending to admire him, "like a Rajiv Philax!". They do not want to stand out from the crowd, because they fear that Kevin may make friends with some other rich people in New York. Because of this, they devise ways in order to add extra dollars in his wallet - like to add his birthday money to his account!

This film is not perfect. It is not boring at all, although there are times when the movie tries to be too funny. Of course, even with the hilarious jokes, you cannot laugh when the plot twists, and the characters are not always in the right place.

Despite the flaws, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York is still enjoyable and entertaining, especially for those who are fans of the first movie, because it takes its plot from the same story as the first, but it has been upgraded in a few ways. The other difference is that while the first movie has a happy ending, in the sequel, there is no happy ending at all.

As a movie, it still ranks high, and you should definitely see it when it comes out in your country. I'm still surprised that Disney still releases this movie, despite the fact that it has been out of the cinemas for a long time already.

It is definitely better than the movie, Finding Forrester, and the other sequels to the first trilogy, because it does not follow the same storyline as the real life counterparts, but it will not be much help if you don't watch the first movie. Watching the first movie is good enough for anybody who is looking for a good family movie.

Original title Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
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