The Green Mile
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The Green Mile (1999)

The Green Mile

Miracles do happen. 1999/12/10 189 min.


A special feature of The Green Mile is the way the script fits into the series of films that begin in the first book. For the most part, it's part of the movie, but the movie feels almost like a prequel in some ways. In The Green Mile, Tommy Lee Jones plays Harry Callahan, a man who discovers that his great grandfather was involved in a ring of Nazi spies during World War II and Harry ends up attempting to prevent them from killing innocent people.

Many fans have written that they thought The Green Mile was a truly remarkable novel. David E. Kelley is on board for future installments of the series and a release date for the fifth installment has been announced. Can you imagine if this could be part of the series? My guess is that fans would want to see more of Harry Callahan and his colorful cast of characters, but unfortunately, that's just not possible.

While some fans might miss the novel based series, The Green Mile actually happens to be a pretty cool movie. In the movie, a major plot twist occurs that truly surprises the audience. Of course, I'm sure everyone has seen movies where it doesn't happen this well. This one is refreshing to watch as a story told from the POV of Harry. It also provides a simple, yet intriguing plot.

The series can be enjoyed for any time of year, but it does seem to be coming back around in the summertime, when the television series is set. With a sequel to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader finally on the horizon, fans are excited to see the release of Harry's story and introduce the character to his grandson. These are exciting times to be a movie fan.

Although I've never seen the film myself, I've heard good things about it. In The Dark Knight Rises, Heath Ledger did an amazing job and provided a great look at a young and very dark Batman. Some fans criticized The Dark Knight, but even then it was a gripping and entertaining film.

This is definitely the most anticipated film in the series. A year before, the marketing materials had mentioned that it would be released in February and I'm sure that the release date will now be pushed to June or July. There are a lot of factors to consider, but I'm sure that audiences will have to wait a while to see what will be happening next.

While the recent release of The Dark Knight did not seem like much, it's something that is going to be considered a landmark moment in the history of movies. Of course, the story of The Green Mile has something to do with it, but I'm sure that it's nothing compared to the sheer magnitude of The Dark Knight and its ability to change the industry.

In conclusion, I feel that The Green Mile is definitely something that should be discussed on the blogosphere. Because of the fact that it's the movie about the beginning of the series, many have felt that it should be included in the discussion about the series. Although the ending is rather ambiguous, it did provide a new angle for those looking to enjoy the franchise.

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