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Cars (2006)


Ahhh... it's got that new movie smell. 2006/6/8 117 min.


The difference between taking the dogs to the parents and making works of art in the field of children's animation cinema is established by Pixar Animation Studios. Every two years or so, when the cinema for children reaches alarmingly low levels (because often old, gentlemen: Madagascar, its Wild clone, Ice Age 2 and Invading Neighbors are a foursome to crack the veins) Pixar appears and raises the bar again a few more centimeters. It is a study that has flatly refused to make second parts (except for Toy Story).

Or so we believed. Cars is the Pixar vision of Deep America, of caravan residents and Nascar fans (those car races that consist on turning left, accelerating, turning left, accelerating like this up to fifteen hundred times) which goes to cause there to be a couple more bad jokes than usual. As we mentioned on this page, it is the story of a car called Lightning McQueen (voice of Owen Wilson in the original version) who lives to run and for himself, who lands in a town of bad death and ends up discovering friendship, honesty and the American way of life. It is the typical Pixar moral and is a formula that unfortunately begins to become repetitive, especially when we find the weakest script that Pixar has had so far, much more focused on the description of the characters than in situations in which yes, what causes the film to bore many of its 116 minutes of footage, almost a third more than a children's film should last. The story itself is not bad, we really can't say it's totally worthless, it has its merits, it's just a bit ridiculously long. Anyways if it's not a problem for you, watch it online.

The strengths remain the development of the characters and the humanization of them, from Doc Hudson (voice of Paul Newman in the original) to the incomparable pair of Italian mechanics, in a cheeky wink to Ferrari (boosted at the end of the film with an exceptional surprise cameo), going through the Humvee Schwarzenneger (seriously), the tractor-cows and the mosquito-beetle. In general, Pixar did the same thing as Finding Nemo: study, study, study the environment and apply the knowledge acquired to the film, replacing the ocean with the motor world (hence the innumerable jokes and puns about this vroooommmm culture). However, it shows that there are times when the film is making time without getting anywhere in particular, and there is a bump in the middle of the film, which coincides with the romantic break between Rayo and Sally, the Porch that does not go anywhere mainly because children get bored and we depraved as we begin to wonder how they copulate two cars and, in positive case, where the child leaves. Or whatever comes out.

It is better than Monsters Inc. but Cars, despite the regrets, is a step below great works like Nemo or The Incredibles because of the weakness of its script, which this time seems really subordinate to the moral, when on previous occasions the message was a little more subtle. Nor does it help a lot to introduce a character like Mater, a rather silly tow truck that becomes the best friend of the character and is a tribute to the America of Dad and Mom Oklahoma (he is the one he eats the words and throws the crabs) But Pixar at medium gas is still pissing in the mouth of half the other major animation studios, watch it now and see it for yourself.

The best of the movie are the characters and some moments in which the film is dedicated to running at full speed. And the moments in which the film shows nostalgia.

Original title Cars
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