The Dark Knight
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The Dark Knight (2008)

The Dark Knight

Why So Serious? 2008/7/16 152 min.


Batman (Oscar Isaac) was the best part of The Dark Knight. In fact, this is one of the only times where I watched the movie and was not shocked at what was going on. The movie started with the Joker saying that he had a contingency plan in place if his plan was thwarted by Batman (Ben Affleck). Joker went through all of his plans, such as how to fly and how to hit and kill Batman with his batarang.

He also made it clear that he had the resources necessary to make the explosives that were needed to make the explosives that he would use in order to make Batman lose the fight. When he said that he had the materials, he meant all of them. So in order to make it work, he sent his goons, namely the two birds that we all know by their call names "I'm not coming"The little devil". The two birds were sent to fight Batman. During the fight, the two birds were shot and killed by Batman.

The two birds were then sent back to the Joker's lab where they were re-united with all of their chemistry formula and added chemicals from the original bottle that they came in. At this point, they planned out the whole thing from the inside out as a completely new chemical formula was created that was made of chemicals that were mostly water.

He explained that what he needed was to take a human heart and splice it into a human being. Then he would simply have to take his name, alter his appearance, and create a good and honest impression on his new friend. This was an evil scheme that he worked out and this is how he was able to get into a murder investigation about the way the red hood gang operated.

In the end, Batman manages to capture the Joker and the two go out for a night together. It was the very last night of the entire Joker's reign. For whatever reason, the Joker decided to break out of jail. He then ran to the radio tower and jumped from the top of it to the ground below.

He then fell to the ground where he was met by his new executioner, who proceeds to drop a large amount of blood cells at him. Batman, though, managed to save the man and chased the Joker down the street. He finally caught up to the clown and was about to kill him, when Batman made a small mistake by cutting off the Joker's left hand. At this point, the Joker begins to lose his mind.

In a fit of rage, the Joker attacked Batman and cut off his head with a sword. The effects of this event were far reaching. The final scene of the movie shows a Batman that has become the Dark Knight and Batman (Christian Bale) is now Batman's successor.

If you like the story behind the movie, you should see the movie again. If you do not like the story, I encourage you to visit any website that will allow you to watch The Dark Knight, get the Blu Ray, and see the movie again. While this movie is not up to the same standard as the other two movies, I still feel that it is a great flick and the Dark Knight deserves more than two stars.

Original title The Dark Knight
TMDb Rating 8.4 21468 votes

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