The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)

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It all begins... with a choice. 2010/6/23 124 min.


A lot of people agree that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is very much a novel and not an animation. There are some, however, who feel that its story is not as complete as they thought it was. Why? Because in order to experience the story properly, you need to watch the movie first, right?

Actually, the movie has a lot more to it than that. In fact, there is no such thing as an incomplete story. If you really think about it, the story of a story is basically just an expression of how the characters felt during the story itself. An individual may write a book or a story containing an incomplete story because they thought of something else, but, unfortunately, no one can change their mind about the subject matter. It's just like how children can't stop crying for weeks on end.

So, in order to watch the movie and not get frustrated, keep reading this article. You'll discover some hidden secrets of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse's story. What you need to do next is to watch the movie from start to finish. This should show you why the movie was so effective. But it won't necessarily tell you if it is the best of all, because we're all different.

The first thing you should know is that you can't judge a movie by its first half or even by its entire duration. A movie only has value if you like it. Don't believe me?

Once a new movie releases in the US, you can expect to see two things - many reviews written by critics and lots of advertisement campaigns. The reviews often accuse the movie of being either overrated or underrated, while the TV commercials promote the movie with catchy commercials, reminding us about the film at the same time.

Most movie reviewers are only able to give a general impression of the movie, while the ad campaigns usually have a specific target audience in mind. Of course, the ratings usually give a rather limited view of the film's value, and the ads don't offer any strong points in support of the movie. Instead, they try to convince us of the movie's merits.

You can look for something more complete by looking at what you can find on the net, or rather, from other sites that are devoted to films. There are websites that deal only with reviews, while others focus on the different marketing strategies of certain movies and even on some of the hidden secrets behind the making of a movie. These sites often offer a database that will allow you to view the reviews, review comparisons, and the other elements mentioned above.

The biggest secret behind the success of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is just to watch the movie. You'll discover that The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is more of a novel than it is an animated film, and you'll appreciate its brilliance more than ever before.

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