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Contagion (2011)


Nothing spreads like fear 2011/9/8 106 min.


The most recent movie to hit the big screen, "Contagion" from director Paul Feig, is a fun-filled summer blockbuster that offers an antidote to the bleak summer movie season. Although the movie only has a limited release in the United States and Canada, it continues to draw attention and viewer interest through the entire month of July and beyond.

The film opens with Mike Wazowski (Paul Rudd) a struggling stand up comedian in Chicago. He and his wife are expecting their first child and are eager to turn their lives around. After a year of living life on the edge, Mike finds himself invited to perform at a nightclub in Chicago's West Town area.

Upon arrival to the nightclub, Mike meets the beautiful Bridget Sullivan (Jennifer Aniston) who works as a customer service representative for a new telecommunications company, Manhattan Communications. Mike comes to realize that he is about to enter into a dangerous game that will dictate the future of his family. In addition to knowing a lot about cell phones, Manhattan Communications has also developed a secret weapon that will change the face of cellular communication. Unfortunately, the same telecommunication company also employs the psychotic, murderous "Mr. X" as a hit man.

Although the movie starts off with a very light comedy, the movie goes in many different directions and twists and turns are thrown at viewers. The action scenes are equally amusing and hilarious. Plus, the ending of the movie is quite shocking and makes for a good movie ending.

One scene in particular that I thought was hilarious was when Mike, Bridget, and their daughter were all sitting around their living room watching the news. The headlines read; "Evacuations Held Following Water Disaster in Texas," "Woman Sues Restaurant Owner For Allegedly Stealing From Restaurant," and "Moviegoers Crash Leisure Park Drive In." It was simply hilarious. Plus, it didn't hurt that the entire scene was presented using some very inexpensive "Tron" -style animation to compliment the movie.

When it comes to writing the screenplay, director Paul Feig and co-writer Melissa McCarthy definitely take advantage of their own comedy rhythms, character development, and comedic timing. The characters are believable and seem to have their own motivations which drive the plot forward.

The real issue with the movie, though, comes in its pace. The film constantly shifts from one scene to another and can become somewhat confusing to watch. However, once you get the hang of the storyline, "Contagion" is an entertaining movie that you'll want to re-watch and again.

I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking for a light-hearted and silly summer movie. Watch it today, set aside time to sit back and watch it again, and keep the thought of a happy summer coming in your mind.

Original title Contagion
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