The Flu
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The Flu (2013)

The Flu

Death goes viral. 2013/8/14 122 min.


A lot of people seem to forget that the famous line from The Twilight Saga: Eclipse is "Flu season is here again." It might be something that can help your movie. In order to have a more prominent place on the field, the makers of your film must know what you are going to portray and write a script that will fit it.

All movies are not alike, so the filmmaker must think in terms of what kind of person will watch the movie. This will help you visualize your target audience, and what makes them react to certain scenes or dialogues. Also, you should put out a particular mood, and how the characters of the movie should be portrayed. This is especially important when depicting the flu because this is something that will affect the whole population.

Make a list of every aspect of the movie and what action sequences you want to include. If the character can spread the flu, then make sure that the scene is included. It will not only make your movie better, but also bring more attention to it.

Also, consider creating storyboards with help from the writer. This can actually help the director and the producers make the final cuts easier for the writer. Let him or her know what is essential and give your input regarding certain scenes and dialogues.

Have a discussion with the writer and producers regarding the story that you want to present, or if you want to add something for a particular flu outbreak in a different season. You should ask yourself whether the movie is aimed towards children or adults. Do you want the story to have historical figures in it?

Do you know that the serie was known for having a plot that revolves around the situation of the flu? This is one of the reasons why people like it. Your movie may need a similar twist to please the crowd.

Film a scene that can capture the audiences' attention from start to finish. Make sure that you don't miss any pivotal moments because if you do, viewers won't be able to get a proper picture about the story. Also, if you want the entire audience to catch up on the story, keep in mind that scenes must not be overly long and dull.

After all these, you will definitely be able to produce a movie that can get viewers excited. Keep in mind that you cannot put out a movie that is not worth to watch, because this can be an expensive endeavor. Film a scene of the flu outbreak, put out a strong movie and give it your best shot.

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