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Interstellar (2014)


Mankind was born on Earth. It was never meant to die here. 2014/11/5 169 min.


Interstellar is a new science fiction movie directed by Christopher Nolan. It was released in February of 2020 and has garnered a lot of positive reviews from the critics. So, if you are also looking for a science fiction movie that delivers an excellent storyline, then this may be just the one for you.

Interstellar takes place in a distant solar system, where humans have colonized. The solar system is ruled by a central gravity well, which is called the galactic core. The central gravity well influences the neighboring galaxies, which are governed by different gravitational theories.

Gravity is a very important concept in Interstellar. The lack of gravity in a specific gravitational theory will determine the history of those galaxies. This serves as a means of explaining the past of our universe.

Interstellar also takes a look at what is known as Interplanetary Propulsion. Interstellar is mainly used for interplanetary travel. This would be done using a particle accelerator known as the probe. The particle accelerator would be able to accelerate particles from galaxies far away.

While we cannot see these other galaxies, we can use a device known as Gravity Well Induction Algorithm (GWA). The GWA would determine the gravitational pull from the galaxies to determine the history of those galaxies. The same technique could be used to determine the history of our universe.

Since the gravitational theory that has been set up is highly varied, the theory that best explains the gravity field is the one that best defines the history of the galaxies. It is basically considered the two primary theories Gravity and Maxwell's Equations. These theories are tested to be able to explain the history of the various galaxies. The theory that best describes the gravity field will be the correct one.

A Gravity Algorithm is not solely dependent on the Gravitational Force. Although the theory is very much based on gravity, the gravity algorithm has other mathematical rules that determine the history of the galaxies.

Gravity Wells have been defined as having an area that is larger than the area of the whole gravity field. If the GWA is able to determine the area of these gravitational wells, then it would determine the history of the galaxies that we are looking at.

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