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Whiplash (2014)


The road to greatness can take you to the edge. 2014/10/10 107 min.


The most recent hit movie in the series is Reliance; in the recent movie, the main characters face a whiplash injury while training to be a pilot. In the movie, the main character, Sunil Kapoor, was injured by a punch and in order to save his life, he was found out as a con artist. Though the injuries caused by the blow were minor, they were long lasting. After a very severe case of whiplash, Sunil Kapoor found himself in an ongoing battle to get back into shape.

A person who might know the damage caused by whiplash would not want to read this article, as he/she would want to avoid any accident in India. It is not uncommon for people who have been badly injured to not talk about it. If they do, they just might end up regretting that.

The incidence of whiplash injury is inevitable. The level of pain could be very high, which has caused many victims to take the wrong decisions. The good news is that there are quite a few cases where the victim has recovered very quickly. But if the pain is too much for you, you need to consult with a doctor.

The movie's story is about a young girl who finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. She falls off the horse and loses consciousness for a few minutes. When she comes to, she finds herself being tied up.

One day, she starts to remember her past life. That is when she realizes that her rescue from her life in a circus was a result of an accident. In order to return home safely, she was forced to accept a job as a woman. But after going through a painful experience, she is left with too much doubt.

The man in the story, Chitrangada, decides to solve the puzzle of his life. He decides to get his life together and he begins studying a history teacher named Tapan. Chitrangada also moves to California and becomes a paralegal.

Finally, after failing in the examination for a post in the FBI, Sunil Kapoor joins an India based government agency and starts his journey of redemption. However, when he applies for his position, the interviewer asks him to sign a waiver. After taking some time to think, Kapoor decides to proceed with the interview.

Eventually, he becomes a successful paralegal, so much so that he even earns a handsome salary for himself. This job however, leaves him feeling depressed. One day, while chatting with his friends, he meets a beautiful lady. The lady tells him that she is a former Nazi concentration camp survivor and that he had saved her in the past.

Original title Whiplash
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