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A Delicious Flight (2015)

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2015/11/1 97 min.


In a nutshell, The A Delicious Flight to Siam is a film directed by Wat Phra Kaew. The plot revolves around a young girl named Chantal (Kavanuwa) who goes missing while traveling in search of her ailing father.

In order to find her, Khaine sahwichada (Moorji), a wealthy landowner, takes the girl as his own child. As he loves Chantal, he decides to take her to Bangkok so that she can seek the doctor she needs.

After the movie, I was wondering if Serie A Delicious Flight to Siam would be included in the Movie Magazines for the Movie Series. Well, let me tell you that it is included. Check out this review so that you can decide if you like this movie.

The Movie: The Movie is not exactly a good movie but it is very entertaining. The storyline itself is very cliche and does not give the viewer much to talk about but for some, the plot of this movie is too unbelievable so I can't really recommend this movie.

For all of the scenes with Thai massage, You Tingka will be best but even then, Kavanuwa is not able to give such scene some humor. On the other hand, when Chantal, a sickly girl wants to visit her ailing father in Bangkok, we have to sit through two to three hours of tedious stuff. No matter how much they ask me to leave the room, I could not get myself out of it.

The Filmography: I am yet to see any other film from this director. That is all I have to say. This is just my opinion and I will tell you that it is what I think. I guess that when you don't watch many movies with Wat Phra Kaew, you will be looking for something else.

The Serie A Delicious Flight to Siam: Like the name implies, it is a flight to Siam, rather than Thailand. There are some pretty beautiful scenery and I cannot say that I ever got bored watching the scenery go by.

Overall, The Movie was just a waste of time. It had a good storyline and good acting but the acting is not very impressive. Instead of letting it drag on for so long, I'm going to leave this movie alone and not bother seeing it again.

Original title 맛있는 비행
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