Ant-Man and the Wasp
Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018)

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Real heroes. Not actual size. 2018/7/4 119 min.


The newest superhero movie is Ant-Man and the Wasp. This film was released in theaters on July 17th, and it was more successful than the last two movies. As much as this movie is in competition with the other Marvel Movie, the fact that the Wasp was designed to be the woman in the group is intriguing and unique to this movie.

The cast in this movie was quite impressive and even better the storyline as well. For those who did not like the movies about the Avengers, then this movie was a welcome change for you. There are seven main characters that were in this movie, and there were some interesting twist of fate and revenge to these characters, which is what made this movie to be one of the most well-liked ones in the last two years.

The first plot was the plot of the Wasp trying to find her father after he was trapped in a cave. As she tries to find him, she gets trapped by an ant, which causes her to lose a finger. When she meets a scientist who takes her to the lab, it is through the use of this futuristic ray that can stop time.

The second plot of the movie was that when the Ant-Man (Scott Lang) accidentally drops an antenna in the swimming pool, it starts picking up all the audio of the city, such as the noise that the soldiers make while they are fighting the police. Through this antenna, he sees what the villains are planning, and he tries to stop them before they could hurt his friend, Goliath. The only problem is that he does not know how to control the Ant-Man.

The third plot of the movie was the conspiracy that were being planned by the Yellowjacket, and it had the help of the Kingpin. The reason why Lang was there was to protect him. The yellowjacket's plan was to assassinate Lang, and this conspiracy is to be stopped by Lang with the help of Goliath, the one who was made to be the weakest of the seven.

The fourth plot was that in the final part of the movie, Lang was given the super-suit, which is made to be a stronger version of the original suit. The suit allows him to fly and he is given some powers. As he is protecting the city from the Yellowjacket and the Kingpin, he came to know that his friend, Goliath is being manipulated and his family was killed, and that he should make him look for his mother.

The last plot of the movie was that there was a team of thieves who try to kidnap the Wasp. They wanted to steal her jewels, and also when she left the area, they did not found her. She was actually kidnapped by her evil captors, who are the Yellowjacket and the Kingpin.

In conclusion, the movie was very entertaining and the plot was really exciting. It also showed that the actors were really talented and put in their best performance when they were filming this movie. It will be interesting to see the movie sequels in the future.

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