Avengers: Infinity War
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Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

Avengers: Infinity War

An entire universe. Once and for all. 2018/4/25 149 min.


Marvel built a universe in cinema based on the ability to adapt and modify its characters created in comics. The notion that the mythology invented by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, and so many others would have to be altered, without losing its essence, may have been the magical ingredient in today's Hollywood recipe. Ten years after the kickoff, the studio gave the Russian Brothers the mission to close the first Avengers bow. Avengers: Infinity War successfully accomplishes this task and stays true to the characteristics that have made Marvel so highly acclaimed in recent years. Watch online the movie to see if they really achieved their goal judging by you.

More than an adventure or action movie, like most of its predecessors, this heroes endeavor has a much greater sense of urgency. It is an event. That is, the risks are obvious and impactful. Everything has consequences. For this to be felt by the public, writers Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus chose to make villain Thanos the center of the story. Avengers: Infinity War is a film carried by the antagonist's unexpected charisma, which has contextualized, credible motivations and fits perfectly into the presented universe - he is cruel, merciful, has a sense of humor and is lovable. All of this is also due to Josh Brolin's good acting as the titan, perfectly built by the visual effects company ILM.

This Thanos persona is built from the search for the Jewels of Infinity, the stones that illustrate the title of the movie. In this incessant search, he presents facets and relationships that bring him closer to the viewer, creating empathy from the attitudes he has with assistants like Gamora. His relationship with his daughters is what drives the Avengers: Infinity War plot, and perhaps it is Marvel's biggest hit, which for the second time hits the emotional construction of a villain - the first was with Black Panther Killmonger. The feelings and humanization of the character are presented without fuss and with simple dialogues, always aiming at the ultimate goal of the adventure and with the awareness that the film is a blockbuster with no philosophical pretensions.

With an established enemy, the directors are left with the challenge of reconciling so many heroes in the same story. And the competence shown in Civil War is repeated here, on a much larger scale. While in the Captain's last movie the brothers skated to understand how to reverberate the problems of the central dilemma (the Steve Rogers-Tony Stark fight), here everyone involved is impacted in some way. The core of the Guardians works perfectly with Thor, both comic and dramatic. The transformation of the God of Thunder is notorious, finally finding a way between comedy and celestial eloquence, continuing what was introduced in Ragnarok.

The terrestrial impact is felt by the group led by Iron Man, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, even though they are in several places at once. Robert Downey Jr. repeats the great chemistry with Tom Holland and shows that it can work well with Benedict Cumberbatch. The trio also serves as a reminder of the Battle of New York and the powers of the Jewels, explaining the impact that Thanos's power will have on the universe - and all of which star in one of the best action scenes in Marvel history. It is proof that the Russians have evolved a lot when it comes to directing moments filled with special effects. The sequence utilizes the powers of each hero and ultimately delivers the thrill needed for an Infinity War-sized event. Watch now the movie to see for yourself this scenes.

Admirable is the ability of Avengers: Infinity War to make the villain the best trait of a movie that had everything to be the main stage of heroes. Thanos steals the scene unexpectedly, with personality and without the wild madness of typical villains. There is purpose, there is justification, and there is soul in every word spoken by the purple giant, which also provides heroes with action scenes that will remain in the public's memory for a long time. Marvel delivers everything fans want, shows evolution in the handling of their characters, and stays true to the entertainment recipe that has made it the icon of contemporary cinema. Avengers: Infinite War is the promised event from beginning to end, and the beginning of a new era in the superhero genre.

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