21 Bridges
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21 Bridges (2019)

21 Bridges

The only way out is through him 2019/10/24 99 min.


The movie 21 and Over, directed by Ben Stiller, were released in 2020. This movie is about a person who finds out that his girlfriend has an extra-marital affair. After getting evidence of this, he must confront his former flame, and he does it by pretending to be her boyfriend.

This movie became a very popular movie because of its zingy humor and satire. In addition, the movie did well at the box office as the concept was really funny. However, did the movie succeed in maintaining the zest of the film?

Overall, this movie was pretty good; I like Ben Stiller's style of humor. However, I do feel that there were too much cynicism and hypocrisy in the movie. It was also too long. The story is a bit of a poor attempt at making a coming-of-age story, but it only worked because of the simplicity of the concept.

Frank and Alice, his girlfriend, have a real romance. Unfortunately, their relationship is also on the rocks. Frank, obviously, wants to make Alice jealous with an extra-marital affair, so she decides to try to get a hold of his cell phone to figure out where he is. Frank, when confronted, denies knowing Alice's lover, but after he is found to be lying, he is forced to realize the truth.

Frank tries to cover his tracks by accusing his ex-girlfriend of having an extra-marital affair. The whole thing is a big goof, and it's funny at first, but ultimately becomes quite predictable. It ends up not being a bad movie, but it really doesn't have a lot of originality.

As for the movie's characters, there was actually a pretty interesting one: Patrick "Charlie" (Barry Sloane).Charlie is played by Ben Stiller, who should be your choice for "hilarious actor" every time. He is never boring, but he does seem to be on autopilot.

Charlie's interactions with Frank are awkward and sometimes painful. His real problem is that he has no empathy and is blinded by the demands of being in a relationship. He never seems to recognize the fact that he has wronged his ex-girlfriend, and as a result, he often comes off as manipulative and annoying.

Overall, I found the movie to be somewhat dated in regards to its characters and real-life relationships. There is nothing wrong with 21 Bridges, it's just not the best movie that it could have been. The original concept is alright, but it's ultimately not anything memorable.

Original title 21 Bridges
TMDb Rating 6.3 401 votes

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