A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
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A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019)

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Neighbor. Icon. Friend. 2019/9/7 109 min.


For a lot of us, our days are nothing but a stream of misery when we think about the endless traffic jams, the frustrations in getting to work on time, the squandered time at home, the constrictions in our daily schedules and then the exasperation of looking for a cab to take us from the taxi stand to the church where our event is held. Life may be really beautiful when we wake up each morning, but for most of us, this is a day of boredom and misery. Our life may seem futile, when we see that our friends or family members find no joy in their lives. Life is no longer a feast for the eyes, but the dullness of defeat and the agonizing pain of regret.

So, for these people, I urge you to look at a bright side of life, because at the end of a busy day, there is always a beautiful day in the neighborhood, a group of people with whom we bond and share the joy of being alive. The beauty of the city and the joy of sharing food and a common language and music which we all share is what gives us a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Let us start by watching a movie together. Films have always been a source of inspiration and joy. Have you ever looked at the opening credits of a movie and felt the ecstasy of starting the movie right? How can a movie so beautiful be a dreary day in the neighborhood? As you start watching the movie, the beauty of the sunset will make you tear up while your partner opens the bottle of wine at dinner and revels in the warmth of the fire which consumes the evening meal.

If you find the movie to be overrated, then you can always bring back the memories of the movie to the moment of memory when you were watching it. A wonderful idea is to write down the highlights of the movie to remind yourself of the moments in the movie when the sun sets and the night begins. You can look at the painting of the sun when it is setting as you are pouring a glass of wine and, after some time, you will be able to re-live the romantic moment you shared during the movie. Some of us find a romantic mood to re-create during the film too. We just need to recreate these moments with our wine and see the good and the bad that comes with living in the neighborhood.

Wine can also be a pleasant addition to your evening meal. You can have a glass of wine before your dinner and taste the sweetness of the fruit that surrounds you during the course of the meal.

Watching a movie together has many benefits. The movie sets a good example of living together, sharing the joy of love and belongingness in the city.

The neighborhood is the place where we are bound to find help when the need arises. It is a place where our spirits are lifted up when we share our love of life. A beautiful day in the neighborhood is a great day for the rest of the world. It is a day when the joy of laughter and the happiness of the day pass away and become a memory.

A beautiful day in the neighborhood is a day when we leave the stress of our lives behind and invite our neighbors into our homes. It is a day of good things which cannot be lived without the help of others. The idealization of the neighborhood through films is truly a beautiful thought and may become a reality. The second movie of the Serie Piscium brings life to these sentiments and, together with wine, makes them a reality.

Original title A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
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