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Aladdin (2019)


Choose Wisely. 2019/5/22 128 min.


The cinema will have in the stories of The Thousand and One Nights an inexhaustible reserve of themes to elaborate films full of adventures and drama. Since childhood, our imagination has been challenged by the story of Aladdin and the marvelous lamp, in which a humble boy runs into the fortune locked in the lamp, as one would say today, at the turn of a click.

Simply rub it lightly so that a powerful genius enclosed appears, which grants the wishes. Naturally, we can associate this magic with that of our nervous system, whose great unsuspected and wonderful abilities are unleashed when we dare to rub the lamp of our creativity and our abilities to relate, thereby opening an inexhaustible source for our desires to be fulfilled.

The Disney producers know well the mining of the fables that adorned our childhood and have an extraordinary experience and an almost unlimited technological capacity to make them successful films. In Aladdin, they use a wealth of resources without sparing games of sounds, lights, and colors; special effects; music; movements and drama. Watch it online to see how amazing it is modernized.

They have already done it in the classic cartoon Aladdin (Ron Clements, John Muskerde), 1992, which had great success and recognition, especially for its music. The new version retains many elements and faces the challenge of working with flesh and blood characters, maintaining a good part of the fantasy and tricks that are provided in the previous version with the animations. The result is quite good, having achieved a film that is enjoyed from beginning to end, with a balanced proportion of musical moments and a totality rich in varied adventures, unexpected events, and fun scenes.

Several aspects should be highlighted. In the case of a story that takes place in a city in the Arab East in times of sultans and palaces, we have to wait for scenes in the popular markets typical of those cities, with its narrow streets and the abundance of small wines that offer spices, jewelry, and food.

Aladdin, the protagonist, is a young boy who moves freely through the streets, climbing walls and ceilings. In one of those episodes he meets the daughter of the Sultan, and the flame of love is lit between the two young men, which will be fueled by the wonderful lamp when the occasion comes, giving rise to the classic story of the humble lover who pretends to the noble sultan's daughter.

As has been a tradition in ancient customs, importance is given to talismans and magical and sacred objects, not only to the marvelous lamp but to the haunted canes that the artisan vizier Jafar uses to enchant and deceive the Sultan.

The lamp, golden and elegant, is home to an ancient genius, who has been trapped in it for thousands of years, waiting for any master to activate it and release it momentarily when he rubs it. The act of caressing objects confers life and activity to them and even today it gets used, like when we rub the dice before throwing them. The cane that Jafar uses when he wants to act as a sorcerer is shaped like a snake, an animal of magic and gadget since the beginning of time.

There are also three life companion animals, which constitute quite important characters in the film: the Capuchin monkey Abu, inseparable and intelligent buddy of Aladdin, who saves his owner in lost situations with his always timely agility; the malicious bird, as pendular as Jafar its owner, willing to espionage and betray; and a huge Bengal tiger that acts as the princess's pet, circulating freely through the palace, with a quiet step and threatening and protective attitude when he feels that someone endangers his owner.

These characters are not mere decorations of the film since they assume decisive and unexpected roles in more than one of the many breaks in history.Β Aladdin rubs those of us who believe in the magic of two hours of varied and entertaining cinema and grants us more than one wish, simply letting enjoyment flood us, watch it now.

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