Angel Has Fallen
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Angel Has Fallen (2019)

Angel Has Fallen

Loyalty is under fire 2019/8/21 122 min.


After a long career as an actor in mostly prestigious films, the Irishman Liam Neeson became well past 50 years in an unexpected action hero with the character of Brian Mills in Taken, a franchise that emerged after the boom of sagas such as by Jason Bourne.

Somewhat younger, the Scotsman Gerard Butler did the same thanks to his interpretation of Mike Banning, the hillside of presidents in danger. The Benjamin Asher of Aaron Eckhart is no longer in the White House, but the Freelan Allan Trumbull of Morgan Freeman.

Angel Has Fallen is a movie that will make you jump out of your seat, the creators know what works in their franchise and stick to it always, making the movie work and flow just as well as the past ones did, you'll love, the action sequences and the characters, the style is the same but with a different story, and it works just as great, watch it now to find out how it goes.

The truth is that, in the midst of strong lobbies for getting billionaires contracts in the war area, poor Banning will end up being accused of trying to kill the president whose mission is to actually guard, it honestly is a bit improbable taking into account that in the past movies he's been extremely loyal and nothing more than an excellent bodyguard, however, the president cannot speak in his behalf since he has remained under a coma after the attempt to kill him, the people in charge of judging Banning does not care about his past or know him for who he really is, and therefore an implacable haunt begins after him.

In a typical cat and mouse game, you should not only escape with your usual intelligence and physical dexterity of the persecution of your own agency and the FBI but also disrupt a threat generated by those who were once his companions, Angel Has Fallen is not only an action or persecution movie, it is also a psychologic one, in which our protagonist will have to fight the physical forces that are after him and his inner demons.

The central conflict and its derivations, the motivations and the psychological construction of each character, the action scenes, the dialogues, and the resolutions are below the average of the current Hollywood production, but even of any second-line series, it seems like although the movie works as good as the others, its time is coming to an end, and without a modernization, those who really enjoy watching the same thing multiples times will be happy, for the other ones who get bored of this, you're not very lucky with Angel Has Fallen, watch it online to understand why.

The main problem of Angel Has Fallen is that a serious film is intended when it would work best in the Class B field with an ironic or auto-parody twist. In that sense, the best of this third installment is the appearance of Nick Nolte as Clay Banning, Mike's pathetic father.

With his long white beard look and his permanent over-acting, he honors join the club of "I don't care about anything anymore and I'm beyond good and evil" presided by Mel Gibson and Nicolas Cage. Perhaps that is why, after a totally predictable and disposable ending, we see after the final credits a scene of father and son with a delusional tone that almost two previous hours of narration did not dare to adopt.


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