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Bombshell (2019)


Based on a Real Scandal 2019/12/13 108 min.


A series of movies centered on six different teenagers, the nickname "Bombshell" came from the storyline itself. These stories were written by Kathleen Turner and directed by Pamela Corbin. The movies contain similar plots but also take on slightly different situations.

In the movie, the lead character is named Sean Rose, a seventeen-year-old who happens to be the most popular kid in his class. He is a big fan of Cher, Jessica Simpson, Barbra Streisand, Pamela Anderson, Billy Joel, Billie Holliday, Faith Hill, Serena Williams, Lady Gaga, etc. In high school, he and his friends go to concerts, parties, and other extracurricular activities together. However, he finds that he has been bullying some of his friends, namely, Mikey, Mary, and Brian.

When Sean is faced with the situation of bullying his best friends, he decides to do something about it. With the help of an animal called the Shocker, Sean goes on a mission to put an end to the bullying of his friends. A Shocker is a radio transmitter that produces an electromagnetic pulse when put into contact with the skin. It creates an electrical shock when placed near a person's body. Some people are allergic to electricity so in this movie, Sean must actually contact one of his bullies to have him do it for him.

When Sean goes to the house of a bully, he realizes that the Shocker is not going to work and gets the bully himself to set it off. This in turn makes the bully to rush off to Sean's house. The two of them are reunited after they are separated because of the Shocker.

After this, Sean and the bully meet up again. Unfortunately, they are at a high school dance together and when this happens, they end up having sex. After this, they all find out what the Shocker is.

After this, Sean helps the bully beat up the other students and finishes school the next day. The bullies were able to get a hold of Sean's sister, Tammy Rose's laptop so that they could send sexually suggestive pictures to her.

After the Shocker incident, Sean then decides to be his own man and runs away from home. He moves in with his best friend, Brian, and they both go on a trip to New York City.

The three of them meet up again and this time, Sean uses the Shocker again to end his bullying. He and Brian then form a band together and they call themselves the Bombshells.

Original title Bombshell
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