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The Coma (2019)

The Coma

Will We Ever Wake Up? 2019/11/19 101 min.


The first Star Trek was a hit because it combined two things that were hot in the world. It was a futuristic movie with very advanced technology and it also had a ship that was tiny. These two things gave the series its unique identity. The next movie, The Final Frontier, is probably the best to be seen to determine how the series would fare in the later years. Though it was not as technically advanced as Star Trek, The Final Frontier nevertheless spawned the "space opera" genre of science fiction films that we all know and love.

This movie comes on a DVD so that anyone can see it in its entirety without paying for it. It was not in its entirety because it was not released at all. Although it was in its entirety in print form, it was originally intended to be shown at two separate times; with a popular show on NBC and on movie channels.

Online, one can also enjoy this movie as it will still be on an internet cable television network. The film is similar to its predecessor, The Coma, in that it also features a Romulan captain. However, there are differences, including the introduction of the Borg.

Online, one will discover what has been described as "cult" status. Fans regard it as the best of the series. It is simply not true though because I prefer to consider The Final Frontier as the best. There are also discussions that it is not the best movie.

Online, one can enjoy the mysterious alien planet that inspired Star Trek, Deep Space Nine. As a viewer, I always thought that the planet was hard to locate, and it was rather difficult to figure out its name. It is the second movie of the series to be named after a planet. I prefer the name "Shatner's Planet" as that name was used in the original Star Trek series.

It is the third movie to contain a character named Mr. Vulcan. I have always been fond of Vulcan as he represents the quintessential Star Trek character, and his abilities are never wasted.

The movie is well-written as it is sure to please both seasoned and casual viewers. The first season was written by William Shatner. As a viewer, it is likely that one will enjoy it just as much as the previous two seasons.

The Final Frontier is available online for purchase. One may even choose to watch it that way, although it will be more economical to watch it via cable. It is also quite easy to find online as well. If you do not care for watching movies online then you can always watch the series, which will set you back a modest price.

Original title Кома
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