Dark Phoenix (2019)

Dark Phoenix

The phoenix will rise 2019/6/5 114 min.
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Simon Kinberg
Simon Kinberg


Sophie Turner is Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix
Sophie Turner
Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix
James McAvoy is Charles Xavier / Professor X
James McAvoy
Charles Xavier / Professor X
Michael Fassbender is Erik Lensherr / Magneto
Michael Fassbender
Erik Lensherr / Magneto
Jennifer Lawrence is Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Jennifer Lawrence
Raven Darkholme / Mystique
Jessica Chastain is Vuk
Jessica Chastain
Nicholas Hoult is Hank McCoy / Beast
Nicholas Hoult
Hank McCoy / Beast
Evan Peters is Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver
Evan Peters
Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver
Tye Sheridan is Scott Summers / Cyclops
Tye Sheridan
Scott Summers / Cyclops
Kodi Smit-McPhee is Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
Kodi Smit-McPhee
Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
Alexandra Shipp is Ororo Munroe / Storm
Alexandra Shipp
Ororo Munroe / Storm


The X-Men face their maximum formidable and effective foe while certainly one of their own, Jean Grey, starts offevolved to spiral out of manage. During a rescue undertaking in outer space, Jean is sort of killed while she's hit by means of a mysterious cosmic force. Once she returns home, this pressure not handiest makes her infinitely more effective, but a long way extra volatile. The X-Men need to now band together to save her soul and struggle aliens that want to apply Grey's new skills to rule the galaxy.

Original title Dark Phoenix
TMDb Rating 6 2757 votes

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