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The past is not what it seems. 2019/11/20 104 min.


You might think that with the success of the first Frozen you might be able to expect for more sequels but no. This time around, Disney tried something new and they completely changed the whole story. But it did not affect the well-received sequel Frozen Fever at all. All the three movies are great.

I do not want to end my story here, but I want to mention the fact that every time I watch my favorite movies I get excited. I am always up to what is happening and when and my imagination runs wild with all sorts of thoughts that I never knew existed. Because of this, I think that when I hear an idea of a movie and it reminds me of another film from the series Frozen.

If you are curious as to what else is in the series, you should know that there is another sequel out called Frozen II. I do not want to tell you more about this one because it is just a little bit different from the original. When the original movie came out, everything was so perfect. The music, the characters, the cinematography and everything was fantastic. The next movie, however, has some flaws.

I still prefer the original movie because it does not have all those extraneous plot twists and has more focus on the relationship between Anna and Elsa. I cannot help but wonder why they made Frozen II a sequel instead of a prequel. Of course, Anna and Elsa have only been dating for one month when the sequel was released. Who knows how long it will take to get them to be serious with each other?

As much as I wanted to keep the sequel secret, some of my friends told me that the sequel is actually out in theaters. So I went ahead and watched it, which I must say, was really good. In this movie, I have to admit that I did not see Anna and Elsa together much, but when they are together they really look very cute and romantic and there are plenty of kissing scenes as well.

The sequel focuses a lot on the sisters' love for each other and their relationship. We really learn more about their relationship, the journey that they go through together and more. It is a much better movie than the first one. I really liked the sequel and I would recommend it to everyone.

I have really enjoyed watching the original movie and I am glad that I am able to watch it again. However, Frozen II was not bad, but it was a bit short on things that I really liked. The characters were more realistic and it just lacked the magic that the first movie had.

In conclusion, I recommend watching the movie online because you can not only read the reviews, but you can also see the movies trailers and TV spots online. This way you can decide which movie to watch. Also, online movie ticket sites will have discounts for members so you can also take advantage of that. Hopefully, you get the chance to watch Frozen II and experience all the fun that the first one gave you.

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