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F#*@BOIS (2019)


Fame is a constant effort 2019/8/2 N/A min.


This is the story of a young boy named Jazz, his friend Tubby and some of their best friends in this movie named Tippy Toe, Bunk, Wooldoor, Biffy and Mr. Ego. The story in this movie is one of love and a fight to be the king of the town. Of course, the only problem with this type of story is that you can't see everything.

If you like shows about animals, then you will definitely like the first season of F#*@BOIS. You might find this to be entertaining and amusing as the show depicts human's inner self.

What made this show special is the way the directors kept up the high quality. The fact that they used CG was the icing on the cake because of how realistic it looks. You could also tell that each animal is actually an actual animal so it is not just a computer generated image but a live animal.

Series is created by the same group who developed the television series, which means you can expect high quality animation, original music and great acting. The whole story revolves around the King of Bournemouth and his life. One day, he challenged the young rapper (Jazz) who was at that time the local kid's idol. This song is named "Jazz" which tells the story of a teenage boy who wants to be king of the town.

In the first season of the Movie Series, one of the goals of the villagers is to save their king from being killed off by an evil super villain. They are more than ready to do anything to achieve this goal. Now, what was good about this season was that you could see how the monsters were different and there were some you could see that was really scary. It was very interesting watching these monsters appear and they were just a little scary.

Even though the story arc for this series was good, I feel there was an issue with how they framed the storyline. As a result, some of the episodes were not too interesting and I felt that some events did not make sense.

The overall rating for F#*@BOIS was seven. It was not good, but at least it was a lot better than some of the animated TV series you had watched.

The second season of F#*@BOIS is very similar to the first season except that it features a new villain, but this season really tries to step up its graphics and quality. This is the reason why I think that this season was a lot better than the previous season. Overall, I felt that the show was pretty good.

Original title F#*@BOIS
TMDb Rating 9.3 5 votes

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