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Hustlers (2019)


2019/9/12 107 min.


If you have seen The Wolf of Wall Street, the 2014 Scorsese movie, you will already be very clear about how what their life train was, at least until the Great Recession of 2008 began to erase all their privileges from the map and blur their excess lives. The filmmaker portrayed an eminently masculine, overwhelming and orgiastic world in which the main aphrodisiac was money and one of the most currency, women themselves.

Now, in a film much more humble and with fewer aspirations, we know another facet of all that monetary torrent that with such agility changed hands: the particular exploited female universe and its revenge towards all that elite, watch it now and see the other side of the story.

Hustlers is inspired by the viral article in the New York Magazine, written by Jessica Pressler. With this base, a drama has been composed, dotted with the odd comic spark, which follows a group of former employees of a strip club who join to take revenge on their Wall Street customers, rich magnates increasingly difficult to squeeze after the great financial crisis those who stop serving to deceive them in a much more direct way.

When Elizabeth, a journalist, begins to investigate and do personalized interviews years later, once they have established themselves and lead socially respectable lives, their loyalty will be tested above envy and greed. It all depends on the extent to which they are willing to speak and in this way, betray who their cronies were.

While the film that writes and directs Lorene Scafaria is reasonably entertaining, it is also true that she does not give up the morbidity to sell its main premise, making the viewer participate in more than one awkward situation. It is assumed that the final message is that the camaraderie and friendship that underlies the difficult times that the protagonists lived together carrying out their plans, is what makes the whole movie make sense but, of course, there are so many ethical limits that they surpass that it is still contradictory for criminals to be shown as heroines, even if their victims were not worthy of entering any convent.

There are those who talk about the empowerment of women, but here we find another great obstacle because the film explodes butt at its casting, as sexual objects.

Thus, in Hustlers we see Jennifer Lopez in a fairly solid role, perhaps the best of her career, although that is not saying much considering that it came from movies like Parker, Obsession (for this one she was even nominated for Razzie) or Chief by Accident... For naming more or less recent films and not going back to Anaconda.

Of course, she has great artistic merit, no doubt, and notes that the producer, singer, dancer, and actress (in addition to businesswoman, we hope not to leave anything), is in excellent physical condition and at full capacity in addition to being hyper-attractive, but beyond being a vehicle of personal brilliance and a lure to call the audience, not even in the plot is justified.

More interesting, for telling attached stories in which the cult of the body is less important, are the interpretations of the secondary ones among which Constance Wu (Crazy Rich Asians), Lili Reinhart (Riverdale), Julia Stiles (Jason Bourne), Mercedes Ruehl (Power), in addition to singer Keke Palmer and rapper Cardi B, who will also appear in Fast & Furious 9.

In summary, Hustlers can be seen, although it does not always know how to get out of the ethical crossroads that they propose to the viewer.

Original title Hustlers
TMDb Rating 6.3 1224 votes

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