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Get comfortable because we have a lot to comment on It: Chapter 2, the second part of the audiovisual story started two years ago by Andy Muschietti with It. When we talked about the movie in 2017, we gave it a context analyzing Stephen King's magnificent novel and also talking, from a distance, about the way it relates to the two-episode television miniseries that made Pennywise one of our nightmares more frightening

As expected, the focus is now on the Losers Club, but once they have become adults, being an extension of those who one day grew up in the city of Maine. And here we find one of the main successes of the film: having gathered an unbeatable cast that marries perfectly with the children's versions.

Bill Hader and Jessica Chastain stand out, although James McAvoy, James Ransone, Jay Ryan, and Andy Bean also adjust to their roles both for their physiognomy and for their way of moving and acting. Watch it now to see this amazing cast in action.

All arranged with a call from Mike that puts the alert to Stanley, Ben, Eddie, Richie, Bill, and Beverly. Appealing to the oath they made 27 years ago, he asks them to return to Derry to definitively curb the supernatural entity they call It and that acquires different forms (usually their worst nightmare), although it often appears as a clown named Pennywise.

Each of them now has a new life and they don't even remember their past: Stanley has a quiet existence, Ben is an architect, Eddie is dedicated to risk prevention, Richie is a humorist, Bill is a writer and screenwriter and Beverly is a successful fashion designer.

The only one who has remained there and, therefore, remembers everything, is Mike. His mission will be to alert them to the new wave of terror that is devastating Derry and to look for a strategy to end Pennywise forever, something he has been preparing and documenting since they last faced him.

Of course, we already know all the characters in It: Chapter 2 and until we are familiar with them and the dynamics of their relationships, so here is the first pull of ears for the script by Gary Dauberman: it wasn't exactly happening many times for the same issues, neither the narration required two hours and almost fifty minutes to send us the message.

This makes it work unevenly: there is chemistry between the cast, which makes the comic gags and the pikes between them flow with very good energy, but the terrifying part deflates as the footage progresses losing pace.

The main cause is excess. In It: Chapter 2 everything is pushed to the limit, including here both the visual and the sound part. Tons of CGI and some thunderous sound effects that are abused indiscriminately, make the viewer finally anesthetized in a final climax in which anything fits. Watch it online to understand why.

However, there are other aspects in which the film does manage to deepen more, such as the damage that a person can inflict due to underestimating and/or harassing or even in some of the constants of the novel, such as the denunciation of homophobia and the narrowness of provincial views that puts at risk anyone who gets out of which the norm is affected.

It: Chapter 2 also shows an interesting sense of cinephile humor with two cameos of which we prefer not to reveal anything to avoid incurring spoilers and especially with a recurring joke about one of the most common criticisms Stephen King has received.

Everything must be said: the transitions between sequences are, especially at the beginning of It 2, very elegant and imaginative but unfortunately, they end up accumulating, subtracting its ability to generate cold sweats in the viewer. If you add to that a clumsy union of artisanal and digital effects, oversized the latter, the credibility of the story is severely limited.

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