Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation
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Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation (2019)

Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation

2019/12/21 N/A min.


Movie Rating: Movie has got all the elements of quality to make it a successful Movie and it seems that the Japanese audience has taken keen interest in this Movie. This movie is probably the first movie of Kamen Rider series that can get their attention through the whole movie. In this Movie, we witness Kamen Rider and his allies facing against Tengu and Tiamut in order to seal the life force of each Tengu with Reiwa.

Movie Rating: Movie is definitely a huge hit among the Japanese audience, as the first Movie of Kamen Rider Series proved that they can appreciate it. For sure, it is the best Movie in Kamen Rider Series and that too in a movie format. I am sure that the movie will keep on doing well even after all these years. The movie is well focused on the main antagonist Tengu, who remains a threat to humanity and tries to invade Earth in this Movie.

Movie Rating: My biggest problem about the movie is the ending, which is quite unbelievable. In the end, the main characters are seen alive and kicking as the time running out. But all of a sudden, Tengu appears and rips their arm and turns them into monsters, who turn out to be the main villain and wipes out the heroes before they can save the planet.

Movie Rating: Movie's second ending is a good one as it makes us see that all the heroes have returned back to Earth after saving the Earth from Tengu. But it also shows that Tengu was able to live and is now also in danger from their arrival.

Movie Rating: Movie is a superb movie by itself and people who have never watched any Kamen Rider Series will surely enjoy this Movie. But it is rather disappointing to see that the Movie ends with the same old story line. Movie Rating: The movie is centered on the traditional superhero movie formula as the main hero is metamorphosing into his heroic alter ego, but I would say that the story doesn't really follow that formula. The movie has got something new to offer that fans of classic movie can look forward to.

Movie Rating: The first Movie of Kamen Rider Series had strong quality and I cannot believe that Movie is as good as this. It is not as strong as the first Movie but it sure is better than the second Movie, which is not that good either. It seems that Movie is basically about Kamen Rider and his allies fighting against the villains in order to save the world from Tengu and Tiamut.

Movie Rating: The story of the Movie is based on the highly successful formula of the Kamen Rider Series, which made it an instant hit among the viewers. It has got some great action scenes and some new characters, which I can assure you will keep on turning heads. However, it might not be for everybody, as the story lacks certain points that can make it a little repetitive, but overall Movie has got everything that any Kamen Rider Fan could ever ask for.

Original title 仮面ライダー 令和 ザ・ファースト・ジェネレーション
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