Knives Out
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Knives Out (2019)

Knives Out

Hell, any of them could have done it. 2019/11/27 131 min.


There are few more joyful genres than the "whodunnit", or who did it? those convoluted frames full of true and false clues in which in the end the identity of the murderer will be revealed. They are novels and movies that work as a game, challenging the insight and wit of the viewer, who does not always succeed but enjoys breaking his head. The teacher of the genre, as is known, is the immortal Agatha Christie, a twentieth-century novelist who swept the world with novels like Ten Bold (1939) or Blood in the Pool (1946) starring great detectives like Poirot or Miss Marple, able to see in a dusty bike the key to crime but above all fine connoisseurs of the miseries and weaknesses of the human soul.

The movie Knives Out, directed by Rian Johnson, famous worldwide because he is responsible for the new chapters of the Star Wars saga, pays tribute to Christie's universe (add Victorian mansions to the whodunnit and all the imagery of the Country and regal England) in a very funny film in which the plot works as a clock while it is dedicated to presenting a rather sour vision of the human being. Watch it now to find out how it is.

It has lacked that final and definitive touch that would have made this a fun, entertaining and, above all, movie full of reasons to spend more than two hours of healthy escape to the viewer. It is not that with this the chances are lost in this regard, although it is true that the story is somewhat diluted preventing the director and screenwriter Rian Johnson from demonstrating his imagination and his usual good work. It should not be forgotten that we are facing a more than promising American filmmaker who has titles such as «Star Wars. The Last Jedi», «Looper» and «The Bloom Brothers».

If something comes to mind as soon as the projection begins, Johnson's proposal is nothing more than a tribute to the cinema of British thriller Agatha Christie, who has provided an inexhaustible source of pretexts to have a great time before the public, as we told you before, she was very known for her crime mystery stories, and Knives Out is just full of references and tributes to the writer. However, the director has not been content with introducing two significant changes, moving the plot's headquarters to the United States on the one hand and underlining the social differences of his characters on the other, but that he has noticed an attenuated and entertaining vision of the class struggle.

It is the vehicle that uses the tape to dismantle, with the support of the prestigious detective Benoit Blanc, a tragic event, the supposed suicide of a prolific writer of mystery novels, Harlan Thrombey. And the worst could, if possible, be something more terrible, specifically a crime that is a product of the revenge of his closest relatives for having been disinherited. Naturally, nobody is willing to do without money, watch it online and see whodunnit.

The forms and the environment, on the other hand, in which the actors stand out are solved with an effective syntax that collaborates in the immediate communication between the protagonists. It is a guarantee that is felt in a palpable way in the notorious credentials that break into the screen, including those of Chris Evans, Daniel Craig, Cuban Ana De Armas,  Don Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon, the talented Toni Collette, and the illustrious 89-year veteran Christopher Plummer. A true plethora of names that radiate dialogues through all their pores but that are contained in a class movie that goes from less to more.

Original title Knives Out
TMDb Rating 7.8 3141 votes

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