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2019/6/21 N/A min.


If you have watched the Movie "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason" you will be familiar with how the art of love is what you would like to become. However, there are a few misconceptions that have been made about love and it could even turn your head when you see that it's basically a Vast Universe full of infinite possibilities of love. The ideas that come out of this movie is to find love in all the universes that are out there.

You might also be confused that the Universe in this movie is not just a simple universe. This is because of the fact that you can see that each of the universes are not only infinite but also have enough facts in each of them that allows one to understand the universe that they are in. It was actually able to have this known because it had a creative director named David Tennant.

His main intention in making this movie was to get to the point of no return. That was the point that each and every person who was in this universe wanted to reach and nothing can stop them from achieving it. So, he started in making the movie to get to this point.

The main character in this movie is definitely a girl named Sasha, she is the one who is called the alien atlas who is sent to make the universe know about love. Her mission was to send an alarm to every galaxy of the Universe and explain to them about the existence of love. This was to make them aware that there is an infinite amount of love that could exist and that it is much more than what they thought.

They sent her and all the other species of the beings that they have to observe the beings who are falling in love. This way they could study these species for their opinions. The point here is that they could be the foundation for a true and genuine universe where everyone can become accepted and loved for who they are.

Love is in many different forms and people will try to explain to them and the species and yet the real question that we have to ask ourselves is how big love actually is? There are many theories about the answer to this question. Although many of them may be true or false, one thing that we can be sure of is that love is indeed there in every single universe and everyone has their own version of love.

It is because this kind of movies were created for humans and not for other life forms. We need to see ourselves in order to accept the truth about the situation. One of the key words in this movie is 'blind faith'.

Blind faith is when the main character believes anything that is told to him no matter what it is and the only thing that he does not believe is his love for his friends, best friend and his beloved. It is possible that we are not the only species in the universe so this makes the movie a great insight into how it really is and how we should learn to accept love for love.

Original title 我的青春都是你
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