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Midway (2019)


One battle turned the tide of war 2019/11/6 138 min.


What a terrific name for a show! From here to the Midway we are pleased to bring you one of the most special and timeless movies of all time: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. A Comedy/Drama/Epic produced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it is known as one of the best shows on television for a reason.

The theme song (a Monty python classic called Noodle Incident) is a song we've heard plenty of times before but never quite like this. The heartwarming message is an adaption of an episode by Carl Sagan called 'Species". From here to the Midway we hope you will enjoy this episode and those you watch along with you.

The Film is an Episodic Picture, a documentary series showing the most unusual and daring projects on the web. In other words, it gives viewers the experience of watching these movies without having to go to a theater. It presents a mixture of moving images, high quality sound and a great story telling ability. This film offers something for every type of viewer, from children to adults, from fantasy to reality.

For those seeking excitement the Film will show two Medieval Battlefield Scenes (Austria and Italy), a Road Trip around Kentucky, a Virtual Reality Video of Chicago, and an interactive and wondrous experience of living inside the Man Cave, where we are proud to present the amazing video, "Midway". From here to the Midway we are proud to present the greatest and most beautiful Midway!

If you're looking for something that has never been shown before, we have something special for you: Young Boys dressed up as the most popular movies of all time! The Tops, Meet the Browns, The Matrix, etc. If it's "Movie" you're searching for, we're going to have a blast showing it to you! And if you're one of the millions of people who prefer to watch classic films we've got the library with classics like Star Wars, Star Trek, Pink Flamingos, and Indiana Jones to choose from.

Viewers can expect exciting moments while they're awake and asleep, and even when they're resting at day and night. From the moment the lights come on at the Midway and the movies start playing until the final "rest" of the day is a dream to watch. And the good news is that it all happens right in front of your computer screen!

Starring Kyle and Stills, Night Before the Premiere Night: The Midway premiere is this Sunday. Don't miss out, and make sure you're at the Theatre, where you'll be treated to an original musical production created by Kyle and Stills that is sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. The Theatre is located at the Midway by Midway Drive and Eldridge Drive in Springfield, MA. For more information, visit the official website.

In the film from here to the Midway we're honored to present the Midway premiere of Welcome to My Nightmare: A Musical Spectacular of Classic Movie Theme Music, sponsored by Netflix. The incredible video created by Parker & Stone, and choreographed by Kyle and Stills, will take you on a ride through time and space as the classic music takes you back in time and then into the future with the new wave of 80's music in Full Speed!

Original title Midway
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