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Parasite (2019)


Act like you own the place. 2019/5/30 133 min.


Your family is in danger! You know you must protect them, but you don't know how. The odds are against you and your family. This is the premise of Parasite, which is a romantic comedy directed by Mike Nichols.

John Stettler is a master of romance. He has written three smash-hit romances: Girlfriend, The Graduate and Silkwood. He is also known for being a versatile director. He has directed movies about three different genres, from a horror movie to a romantic comedy to a farce that makes you laugh (and some cry) and a musical.

The genre, this movie falls into is the comedy/romance/thriller genre. It is about a love triangle. The relationship between Carrie, a beautiful, spoiled and arrogant girl, her boyfriend, David, who isn't anything like she is told.

John Stettler decided to direct this movie because he wanted to find a way to explore love, friendship and human nature. He also wanted to make sure that he didn't get lost in the science of it all. By casting Hollywood stars, he was able to get one of the most stunning actors, Jennifer Lawrence, to play Carrie, a young woman from a wealthy family with a very uptight and spoiled attitude. She can be very strict and controlling, but is very loving.

Jennifer Lawrence did not disappoint as Carrie. She is so gorgeous and really should have been in Gone With The Wind. There is so much more to this movie than just Carrie, though.

John Stettler also casts Emily Watson as his character's love interest, David, a type A personality who cannot figure out what he wants in life. Lisa Kudrow is absolutely perfect as the love interest of Carrie, who is attracted to the many problems that come with her. They actually hit it off at first, but when David's nosy girlfriend, Missy, arrives and steals their romance, they finally learn to work together.

Parasite is an intelligent and sometimes funny drama that contains a romantic subplot. Even though it is a comedy, there is a scientific element to the film.

The cast is amazing, especially Mike Murphy (a sitcom legend), who plays a Professor Philip Saunders, a famous veterinarian whose research is used in the film. The music from Alan Menken is also excellent, as well as the direction from John Landis. This movie will keep you up at night and I highly recommend it.

Original title 기생좩
TMDb Rating 8.5 5890 votes

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