Ready or Not
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Ready or Not (2019)

Ready or Not

In-Laws Can Be Murder 2019/8/21 95 min.


Ready Or Not’ arrived a few weeks ago in theaters in the United States as Fox Searchlight’s biggest bet since its creation 25 years ago. The seal behind titles such as ‘12 years of slavery ’,‘ Birdman ’or‘ The shape of water ’gave the greatest premiere of its history to this horror comedy by launching it simultaneously in 2,855 cinemas. Then perhaps more was expected of her at the box office, but the 50 million dollars she has already raised worldwide far exceed the 6 that it cost. Watch it online to find out how it goes.

After passing through the Sitges Festival, ‘Ready Or Not’ finally opened in Spain this Friday, October 11, becoming one of the best options for next Halloween night. Many will not wait until then to approach their nearest cinema, and they will do well, since it is a bloody entertainment in which the only thing missing is that some secondary characters have more time to show off.

'Ready Or Not' is in its own way an update of 'The Evil Zaroff', the film that popularized the idea of ​​man hunting by man that has later been recovered in countless films - from sci-fi delusions like ' Slaves of space 'up to action tapes like' Human White '. Everything lent itself to it. This idea is recovered here, boosting its critical aspect of the abuses of the rich towards the rest of the population and with a strong comic charge to enhance their nature of bloody pastime.

Because in the end what interests ‘Ready Or Not’ is not to propose a perverse game for the use and enjoyment of the spectator: a couple marries and his family has a tradition of playing a game with the newly arrived person. It's almost always an innocent thing, but hiding means being hunted down without your knowing it. There the film could have bet openly on terror, but thank God the black comedy is enhanced by constantly influencing how useless several members of the Le Domas family are.

In fact, that will be a recurring solution to get some of the funniest moments of the movie at the expense of poor domestic service, but the comic halo flies over 'Ready Or Not' at all times, starting with the weapons used to try hunt the protagonist and continue with the attitude of the characters. Of course, they do it without falling into a caricature that would have damaged a film that, on the other hand, makes a curious cross between gore and elegance.

And it is that 'Ready Or Not' leaves nothing to chance, so the work of atmosphere within the Le Domas family mansion is essential not to become a character, but to give both variety and style to the different adventures that an inspired Samara Weaving has to face. So far, many would think of her because of her remarkable resemblance to Margot Robbie, but here she shows that she has protagonist wood.

Both showing an ingenuity at the beginning and when she becomes an overwhelming queen of the scream, Weaving becomes the soul that gives meaning to the work that is the setting and the effective comic load of the proposal. With a more bland protagonist, there was a risk of being a nice proposal that runs out early. It is true that she has the support of some inspired secondary - we think above all about Adam Brody - but she is responsible for the fact that this bungling hunt does not run out too soon.

Of course, it is not appropriate to take credit for the staging work of Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, since they know how to find the right tone that mixes the playful and the twisted. The gore is well used - only in the final section certain licenses are allowed that were well received by me - there is no low rhythm throughout its tight footage and they know how to strengthen the strengths of the script and minimize the weak ones - that has them, especially in relation to the treatment of the character of the protagonist's husband - so that the enjoyment is greater. Watch now the movie to experience the entertainment that it offers.

Ready Or Not’ is one of the best hobbies of the year. A successful cross between comedy and terror that knows how to keep you in tension about the next danger that the protagonist has to face. With a careful atmosphere, especially thanks to the photography of Brett Jutkiewicz, and a successful cast in which a Weaving stands out that should become a star after this film.

Original title Ready or Not
TMDb Rating 6.9 1236 votes

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