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Recep İvedik 6 (2019)

Recep İvedik 6

2019/11/7 110 min.


Erden is a series of movies created by Turkish director, Selma Savsiz, where five members of the İbrahim family go to stay in an old farmhouse that belonged to the grandfather of their father. They are the descendants of the Amir, who is a general of the Turkish army.

The film is extremely beautiful and mesmerizing as well as funny as all the characters are presented in perfect character and portrayed in a very funny way. Each of the characters have a different behavior and personality. Most of the time, the main characters like Erden, Memet and Suliman are depicted as the handsome ones but at the same time they are in fact a bit of an imbecile.

The movie has its own drama and also comedy as some of the situations that happen are just so funny. The movie has the chance to entertain all the people including children. You will have fun watching this movie.

You can watch this movie online and there are some online movie theaters that can also allow you to watch the movie online. On one hand, you will be able to watch the movie and enjoy the hilarious scenes but on the other hand, you will be able to find out the authentic content and with the help of the subtitles, you will be able to understand the jokes. If you can't understand the subtitles then it is highly recommended that you watch the movie with subtitles.

One of the best things about the movie Erden or Diary of a Sultan is that the serie has a similar plot as The Great Dictator. The Great Dictator is another great movie that I highly recommend for you. The movie had been made by the famous Martin Scorsese and the movie has been made to a kind of perfection and that is what makes the movie so popular.

The story of the serie is quite interesting and to make it even more interesting it has some action as well. The whole movie is composed of different scenes that have to be described in detail. These scenes depict the life of the characters in detail and that is what makes the movie to be so good.

The movie is written in a poetic manner as the movie has poetic scene, songs and many poems that have to be described in detail. Also, the names of the movie have been beautifully spoken by the actors as all of them played their roles properly. All these characteristics make the movie to be a success.

Finally, the movie is considered to be one of the best movies as it has many elements that can make people admire it. People are very fond of the movie Erden and it is probably one of the most popular movies of the genre.

Original title Recep İvedik 6
TMDb Rating 4.4 21 votes
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