Spies in Disguise
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Spies in Disguise (2019)

Spies in Disguise

Super Spy. Super Fly. 2019/12/4 102 min.


In a Dark Knight, there is an interesting scene where the Joker, in disguise as a newspaper reporter, interrogates Bruce Wayne and informs him that the police have been searching for him. "I was in disguise as a newspaper reporter", he says. Okay, so they can assume he is lying, right? Well, no, because a newspaper reporter has no clue about anything.

Since the Dark Knight was released, it has been criticized for the spy action scene in the movie. The problem is that Batman was not in disguise when he first met the Joker. In fact, he went out to fight a fight with him as soon as he found him in the bat cave.

From a perspective of providing an undercover image, he had no other choice but to be in disguise. We see Batman takes off his mask and reveal his face at every opportunity possible. This includes time when he is defenseless, such as when he is about to be executed by the Joker or when he is on his way to confront the Joker when his girlfriend is kidnapped. However, when he has to solve a crime, or is about to be attacked by some enemy, his mask drops to reveal his identity.

The movie was made to pass the Batman crime scene, which shows how big the spy scene in the movie was. From here, it was already a big responsibility for the movie makers to come up with a good and convincing disguise for the Batman in disguise as a reporter. A lot of care was given to ensure that the scene was believable, especially when we see how he dons his disguise.

We can only assume, since he knows he is being filmed, that he has done detailed research on the spy genre. He talks about what it takes to be a reporter, what the big news stories are, the methods used, what kind of reporters and editors are involved and how these kinds of things go down. After all, he is not acting as a reporter but as the actor himself, giving a good portrayal of a journalist and thus it should be very easy for us to imagine how he would look like as a person.

The only thing is that in movies like these, a lot of effort has been put into making the disguise plausible and believable. A camera might have been used to make it look like he was an actor, but a real reporter would never use such technology, right? It should be mentioned that while the scene is taken from a thriller like the James Bond movies, it is completely believable. From a certain angle, you can easily see that he is a professional photographer.

Since the scene in the movie is very impressive, I'm sure that you will like to watch the movie again. In fact, if you were not impressed with the appearance of the journalist in the movie, I'm sure you will be thrilled by this interpretation of his character. Just imagine the look on your face when you find out that it is indeed Batman who is the real reporter.

Overall, you might enjoy the movie even more if you consider that it was an awesome looking one. I hope you liked it as much as I did.

Original title Spies in Disguise
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