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Choose your enemies wisely 2019/8/30 109 min.


We see that The Informer is a modern day conspiracy thriller with a network of unsolved crimes and leads. The Informer is also known as a serial killer story featuring a detective who is a part of a cyber-crime agency. The Informer is an online serial.

The Informer follows the lives of one detective who was once a part of the old school people of his time. The detective has moved on to a new career after being promoted from an undercover office. The Informer gives us the edge when it comes to contemporary web novels.

There is a short story about the detective being tortured by his rivals and colleagues. With a result of this torture, the detective has to give up the investigation that he was supposed to handle. He was so successful in his career, he now no longer has any friends and clients. He is thrown into a life of anonymity.

The Informer is a particular series about the detective named Jimmy who seems to be willing to do anything to save the lives of the people he cares about. As the story progresses, the detective begins to find out how easy it is to be his friend when you have nothing more important than your life.

The way how the detective handles the case was very unusual at first but over time, we found ourselves agreeing with him about the way how he handled the case. It is a new kind of way to deal with the problem. In addition, The Informer allows for the internet users to download free ebooks.

The Informer also depicts the changes that can be expected in the new digital age. People are becoming more aware of their identity because of the sites that let them see how their actions can be traced back to them. The Informer further explores what the internet and social networking sites can bring to society.

This Serial is very exciting and there is also something for everybody. For a short story, I felt that this Serial had all that I needed to know and the information was present for me to understand.

I was impressed by the Serial as I had never read a serial novel before. It was a real pleasure to read the book.

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