The Lighthouse
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The Lighthouse (2019)

The Lighthouse

There is enchantment in the light. 2019/10/18 110 min.


The Lighthouse is a drama film that tells the story of two families separated by a war, who, on the way to war, meet each other. Their reunion makes them decide to reunite even after knowing each other for a long time. They finally find out about each other and decide to stop making such very impulsive decisions. Each of the families get into a lot of trouble when trying to convince the other that they're moving back home.

It's the best kind of depiction of how two people can start arguing about something and then go through a series of arguments until one of them finally decides to change their mind. There are a lot of excellent scenes in the movie that show the relationship between the two families. The movie explores some very important issues such as the nature of loyalty, loyalty to your friends and family, and what you should do with the loyalty once you've won it.

This movie does not make any difference if the two families both move home together. The film shows the fault lines and pit-falls that can befall families when they don't know each other well. There is nothing wrong with making friends and moving away, but in reality the situation will probably become more complicated when you don't know each other well.

I really enjoyed the movie. I've been a fan of the Harry Potters, since I was young. The whole Potter world appealed to me. I did not know much about the family that was shown in the movie and I never expected to sympathize with them.

However, when I got to the end I realized that the family has a lot of good qualities that I like. They have been through lots of hard times and have seen a lot of things happen. They all have something that's worth keeping and holding on to. I think that these are things that we as human beings can all identify with and learn from. So, it was pretty easy for me to relate to the family. The film just kept on surprising me with how well I knew the characters and their back stories. The movie was full of emotion and the tone was just right for me. There were some strong scenes when they finally brought themselves together and there were some tender moments that you would never expect from this type of drama.

The Lighthouse is one of those movies that has some incredible scenes, some solid acting, and some strong emotional scenes. If you want to watch a movie that will make you feel deep emotions, then The Lighthouse is the perfect choice. Don't let the story be one dimensional though. The movie will still keep the pace at a fast pace and it will get down to the bottom of things if you choose to watch it all the way through.

Another good thing about this movie is that the romance is very subtle. There is not anything wrong with the romance or the love triangle. The movie is simply a film that has some great scenes, strong acting, and a loving ending.

Original title The Lighthouse
TMDb Rating 7.7 1059 votes

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