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2019/7/10 95 min.


The Wretched is a "historical fiction" about the persecution of Christians during the middle ages in the Roman Empire. It follows a religious leader (Effy), who becomes the target of many people, including the Emperor's uncle, who wants to overthrow him and his followers.

Film-wise, the movie had a very high epic scale. There were tremendous scenes when the soldiers lay their swords on the ground and begin to shake hands with each other while they are in close range. The entire scene was made even more unbelievable because of the speed and large movements. Some of the backgrounds in The Wretched were also very impressive.

For online viewers, the story line of The Wretched is most well-liked. A lot of "out there" plot lines and subplots were done away with in this movie. There were no crazy visions or dreams that happened in a flash; rather, the characters go through things according to the rules. The villain, General Septimius Severus, the ruler of the Western Empire, is the main villain of the story, but he was also sent by the Emperor, so the overall plot did not really have much of a subplot.

The Roman Empire under the rule of Western Emperors was also comparable to the post-apocalyptic conditions depicted in the novel The Road. There was a dearth of resources and even any kind of food was scarce. Therefore, the rich, wealthy and power-hungry people were allowed to get richer by exploiting the environment. They took the fish, sea shells, sand, wheat, milk, meat, and all other things that could be found in abundance from the living creatures.

Throughout the whole movie, the Roman Emperor Revox and his closest advisors kept a low profile in the background of the political scene. There were so many ways that some of the Imperials could have resigned. Theemperor just didn't want to give up power and wanted to see the story to end in triumph for the Empire.

Of course, there are parallels between The Wretched and Aladdin, which was another Disney movie that had a lot of similarities with The Wretched. Both movies featured lots of themes about the environment. In The Wretched, the "wretched" people live in a very well-developed environment and live in conditions that remind us of modern "developed" countries.

The movie had some elements that reminded us of Aladdin. There were wizards and white horses, similar to the "yellow donkey" that Tarzan was riding. However, Aladdin was a comedy and The Wretched is a drama.

Overall, The Wretched is a very fast paced movie, although some of the scenes were made exaggerated to make it look realistic. Overall, this movie is highly entertaining and worth watching for.

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