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Blood and Money (2020)

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2020/5/15 N/A min.


The movie "Blood and Money" by Franz Kafka is a very innovative and refreshing movie. It is a story of a family in prison and how they eventually come out to find blood and money everywhere. Even if you think the story is a lot like this type of story, I personally feel that this film is far more original and worth seeing than most other stories on the subject. The story is extremely entertaining, and it is easy to see why this is a very popular movie.

The story is about two brothers in prison who seem to have very different views of life and what makes a good family. Both brothers are separated from each other because their mother committed suicide before their birth, so they never had a father to take care of them. They both disagree with each other on everything from religion to their religious upbringing, and they both have the same mother, Clara, who is always pushing them to find the reason for their problems.

Their little sister tries to be the good brother and looks for a happy ending to their problems, but he always finds something else. He and his brother are constantly fighting in prison, and it doesn't seem to help their relationship either. The twins grew up with a mother who was away most of the time, so the twins weren't allowed to talk to their father because he didn't love them anymore. His separation from them has affected their lives very deeply, so he tries to show them love, but he is too busy working hard and trying to make it big as a writer in the world of publishing.

After a number of attempted murders, one of the twins tries to murder his brother and steals his money, but in doing so, he accidentally kills his brother. The brother then decides to kill his brother and run away to Paris, where he has a beautiful woman waiting for him. However, the wife has to leave because of work one day, so the brother is sent to a prison in Paris where he starts killing everyone.

When the brother dies, his sister decides to move to Paris, but he sends her away. She finds a nice house and tries to live there, but she finds the man she is to marry in a nearby hotel. Then, he notices her in the hallway, and he tells her that he has to go and goes to the hotel. Since he is not supposed to be there, he kills everyone in the hotel, and then meets a girl there who is much older than him.

The sister, now realizing how much she loves him, runs back to the house to find the man she is to marry. After finding out that she can't have him, the man kidnaps her and takes her back to the prison where he is being held.

The sister later returns to find out that her brother is alive, and she helps him get out of prison. She tries to tell him what he should do with his life, but he won't listen. After another number of murders, he gets murdered.

But soon, the sisters and the remaining family bond together to try to solve the murders. They finally figure out that they need to find a source of blood and money, and they run across a man who knows a place to find both. Unfortunately, he finds his source and his money there, too, and they all end up dead.

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