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He's just not a people person. 2020/1/1 101 min.


As a long time fan of the genre and of the Dumbo-based TV series, I couldn't be happier to see that the second installment in the Dumbo movie franchise, a sequel called The Secret of the Wings, has come out. However, I am not going to write a review of the film because I feel that this movie is not for the fans of the first Dumbo movie.

This film, like the previous one, is intended for adults and children who have grown up and who may want to revisit their childhood but don't necessarily want to return to the same old story in a film. But, if you think that you can ignore the past, then you might want to reconsider. That's because The Secret of the Wings is actually a remake of a movie about a white whale.

What I mean by that is, some independent filmmakers take the idea of remaking movies and run with it. That is what happened here and I'm sure it will happen again because it's a great story.

First, let me tell you about Dumbo the movie. He was an abandoned orphaned, mostly feral four legged bird that was supposed to be thrown into a circus and later on bought as a show animal. You see, the shows weren't going well and after many years, the circus owner decided to keep the bird in his zoo, saying that it was too sickly to be used in the ring anymore.

The Bird wouldn't leave, however, and the circus owner, who was actually a fortune teller named Madame Charmina, was able to use Dumbo to get inside the soul of the audience. Of course, they had to have a special device put inside his head that would predict the future of Dumbo, which she knew was the result of curses he would bear. Of course, it also helped her find her husband lost in a faraway land.

If you are familiar with magic and you think that there are any strange case of what may seem to be the intervention of a god and do not be surprised if you didn't know this happened, as Madame Charmina is the one who invented the whole idea of astrology. In this version, Dumbo is an owl that is keeping Madame Charmina prisoner. He is kept locked in a cage while she is an actual owl.

Anyway, Dumbo is also forced to stop the evil sorcerer who wants to bring more death to the world by the sorcerer's younger brother who will use the young sorcerer's magical powers to take over the world. Naturally, Dumbo is no match for this sorcerer and he is forced to fly with a human partner through the clouds to escape his captors.

The movie is beautifully crafted, with a very realistic and engaging story that the Dumbo character will also be familiar with from the earlier movies. Because this movie is a remake of an original story, it is not very hard to follow and for the most part the story is easy to understand. Like the first Dumbo movie, The Secret of the Wings is very much a family-friendly movie and it will not disappoint any younger audiences.

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