Escape from Pretoria
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Escape from Pretoria (2020)

Escape from Pretoria

2020/3/6 101 min.


Escape from Pretoria is a movie that was actually based on the actual Pretoria, South Africa, where the film was filmed. As the title implies, the movie was shot in the city of Pretoria, which has a large Afrikaner community. The movie also received many awards for its production, including a Golden Globe and a Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival. However, despite being a huge success, the movie received mediocre reviews overall.

The movie begins with four high school students, Gregory, Albert, Ross and Benjamin, who are the main characters of the film. They work together as a team to escape from Pretoria. Upon arriving in Pretoria, they are used as a bargaining chip by the boss of the restaurant they work in. After attempting to escape, they decide to join the army, in order to learn the ways of war.

From there, the movie explores their adventures during the course of the war. They encounter many opponents, including both good and evil. They are forced to fight with each other, and even cross swords with some villains, who pose as soldiers.

The last plot twist is not really a twist per se but more of a revelation that the protagonist's would rather fight than lose their lives. The twist comes when the leader of the group decides to eat human flesh. The entire film, from beginning to end, has been a very well executed story, with plenty of suspense and excitement.

The movie itself has not received quite the acclaim it deserves, but it did capture the attention of film enthusiasts. Fans of the Pretoria TV series will definitely appreciate the movie, as well as Afrikaners who have a love for South African cinema.

Despite its original release, the film is available in different formats. DVD andVCD formats are available, along with Blu-ray. Online DVD shops offer the movie in a multitude of languages, as well as various audio formats. The Blu-ray edition is the best option, as it offers the best visual effects and the most significant enhancement over the DVD.

The film also won the "Game Designer" award at the International Game Developers Conference. It is definitely an intriguing movie, if only for the impressive and intense battle scenes. Anyone who is interested in watching a movie about war should watch Escape from Pretoria.

The movie is available in the same form as the Blu-ray version. Additionally, fans can now view the movie on the internet, in high definition. Fans will definitely appreciate the improved presentation and the numerous extras included in the version.

Original title Escape from Pretoria
TMDb Rating 6.6 44 votes

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