Lost Girls
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Lost Girls (2020)

Lost Girls

2020/3/13 95 min.


Lost Girls is a contemporary Romance TV series that premiered on the Logo network in 2020. The cast is full of adult actors who have been modeling for years. Some of them are still active, while others have retired. How did this movie come to be made?

The director, who was an online model and movie star, brought the concept to the producers. It was a lot of fun making the movie, because the crew did not have to worry about finding movie sets, hiring extras, or paying actors and actresses to be extras.

When you watch the movie, you'll find out that the movie was shot entirely in high definition. The quality of the video makes it look like the picture is from an actual movie.

This movie also was produced by the Online Movie Star, Luke Sharrett. This guy's real name is Jamey Jasta, and he has been working with casting directors for years, filming movies in New York, Los Angeles, and in Florida.

He is a very talented guy and he has several movie projects in the works. The Lost Girls movie, like the original film, was filmed in high definition. The producers wanted to keep the traditional feel of the Lost Girls series, but they also wanted to shoot the movie in high definition.

Like Jamey Jasta, the Online Movie Star Luke Sharrett is also a great performer. The Lost Girls movie will be included in his repertoire. He can still do video, audio, and dance music.

There was a period of time when the Online Movie Star Luke Sharrett was retired. He continued to do videos and was very active in the Internet. One day, his agent told him that the producers were looking for someone to help with casting the next Lost Girls movie.

This agent was also the Online Movie Star Luke Sharrett. This guy is now known as Kevin Wu, and he has done the Lost Girls TV series and the movie. He is a great performer and a great actor.

Original title Lost Girls
TMDb Rating 6.1 163 votes

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