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Almost Totally In Control. 2020/1/9 102 min.


In the Movie of the Year-winning TV series My Spy, Evan Dorchow plays the eponymous character, an undercover CIA agent who works in New York City and provides assistance to his girlfriend, Juliette Barnes (Felicity Huffman). Dorchow's extensive background as a stage actor was featured throughout the run of the series, with his handsome, stylish performances spotlighting the former New York stage director that played a major role in the series. His portrayal of Juliette brought Dorchow to fame and continues to fuel talk shows and talk magazine sections. His performance on My Spy attracted many fans and was nominated for numerous Emmys, including Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.

Through the series, Dorchow's character is first introduced as a young, innocent man whose past comes to haunt him as he strives to prevent further destruction by connecting with a young woman. He meets his wife and daughter in secret, over the course of the first season. The series chronicles his arrival in New York City and the twists and turns that unfold throughout the years. He is seemingly at odds with others in his circle and sets out to discover what drives others to do the things they do, which ultimately cause him to question himself.

The action that unfolds in the third season involves two different plots: one a simple mystery involving computer hacking, and the other a wild car chase that spans multiple states. These plotlines make it difficult to keep up with; some seasons are devoted entirely to one plot. Each season contains at least two main stories and many additional short-form stories. Sometimes a single episode can have multiple plots and subplots. Some of the series' best episodes, however, combine multiple plots, such as in the third season's 'Spies for Hire' and the fourth season's 'Open Season.'

While the storyline of My Spy presents a variety of plots, it is the nature of each plot that makes them stand out from the others. Many characters are driven solely by their own selfish desires, which often leads to unsatisfying endings. Others have connections to other characters that seem insignificant, but provide interesting insight. Despite these flaws, the series is successful in its depiction of relationships, especially those that revolve around relationships between lovers-to-be.

Other plots involve the misuse of power by spies or intelligence officials, though none of the characters in the series become corrupt. One plot involves a pair of lovers who work with the CIA. Another plot focuses on a husband and wife who have been separated by their affair. Also, Juliette's loyalty is questioned as she learns of her husband's affair.

The most often discussed plot line in My Spy revolves around identity theft. The entire series is dedicated to uncovering a computer hacker who has stolen personal information from a number of unsuspecting individuals. While it is fascinating to see the various different angles that are explored in the series, the series' main focus seems to be on identity theft. However, several other plots are woven into the identity theft storyline, such as a fictional story about a singer named Kristy Boniat.

Throughout the series, each character has its own unique qualities. Both Evan Dorchow and Felicity Huffman draw upon their acting talent to bring their characters to life. Dorchow's transformation from a young male teen in the first season to an older man in the third is very interesting, yet easy to relate to. As Dorchow's character falls in love with Juliette, there is an undeniable connection between their characters. Huffman's character, after being demoted to a secretary in the third season, makes a dramatic turn with a pivotal role in the finale.

My Spy is not simply another spy series. It is an interesting mix of storylines and characters that is constantly entertaining. It's a show worth watching, especially if you like well-written characters, relationships and plot twists.

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