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Onward (2020)


Their quest begineth. 2020/2/29 103 min.


This article is about Onward, a movie based on the book "Onward, Christian Soldiers" by Michael and Jeanne Milton. The movie makes an excellent and memorable movie with its 'cinematography, story, and even its actors, but it has one problem that I am going to talk about.

In the beginning of the movie, a song called "Onward Christian Soldiers" played that was designed to be played whenever the camera would zoom in on scenes that were filmed in Africa. However, due to the music of the song, the movie seemed to lose some of its charm and therefore I felt that I should comment on this issue.

I find it quite unfortunate that a good film like Onward had such a serious issue with its soundtrack. When people watch a movie like Onward, they expect to be entertained and not to be bothered by something that they have no control over. The movie worked because it was written very well and there were so many positive aspects that a viewer could enjoy.

The other important reason that I think Onward is worth watching is because it has a great cast. Since every actor had different voices, it made it easier for me to know who I was supposed to be looking at and why. Each actor looked different and each had their own personality that made their characters unique.

A big reason why this cast is so talented is because of how many different things that they do and how diverse their roles are. Most people look at actors in movies and don't notice how creative they can be in acting. Many actors choose to work their asses off every day, which makes them good at what they do and, you know, really good at it.

Another important point that I found about Onward, the movie, is that all of the actors were able to bring their different characters to life and make them feel real. All of the characters had emotions that were real and I found that it was easy to identify with the characters and their stories. This was also an area where the book excelled because it allowed us to connect with the characters in ways that were not possible in the book.

As far as Onward, the movie goes, the characters and their stories were handled so beautifully and the director directed the entire thing so well. Overall, I found Onward, the movie, to be the best of the series of books that it follows.

Overall, I really enjoyed Onward, the movie and am planning on watching the entire serie. With all of the good things about this movie, it seems only fitting that I mention the one problem that I have with the movie.

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