Spenser Confidential
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Spenser Confidential (2020)

Spenser Confidential

The law has limits. They don't. 2020/3/6 110 min.


Spenser Confidential, a recent movie about the early 1900s Blacklisted reporter Oscar H. Spenser is an online only movie that you can download and watch immediately. For a few dollars, you can see it online. This is a wonderful movie that you can watch anytime and anywhere at your own leisure.

The story of the movie is simple. Spenser is one of the first Blacklisted reporters. In his latest book, Spenser is in Italy when he gets an interesting request from his friend who believes he has some information about the murder case.

The movie starts with a mysterious call to a woman. This calls continue and after he ignores it, she calls him again. This calls doesn't seem to be from anyone she knows.

The calls continue but Spenser tells his editor, he just hung up on the caller. It seems he might have some information about a killer who might be targeting a young lady named Marie. His editor does not want to tell Spenser anything about the caller, but she informs him that she got a phone call telling her the caller wants to meet with her. And so, Spenser goes to this mysterious caller's place and finds Marie's body.

The next scene takes place a couple of weeks later. Spenser, his editor and some local movie stars are being shown around town and a few actors bring along their young wives. Spenser thinks this is odd and decides to investigate the wife and finds a strange bracelet on her wrist. He also finds some text messages, some text turned out to be messages about the murder and these will help bring back the killer.

A couple of scenes later, Spenser discovers the body of Marie, the murderer is tied to the crime scene and puts a "catch" to the police. Eventually, the police get to the man and he is taken away by the security guards.

The movie had a sequel and it was called Spenser's Last Mission. The film also starred William Baldwin, Kelsey Grammer, Barrymore King, and Robert Knepper. The movie was a bit shorter than the original and it didn't have much suspense or mystery. It did however contain a great and gruesome murder.

The movie can be downloaded and watched in your own home and you don't even need to have a good internet connection. All you need is your computer and a basic understanding of how to use the internet.

Original title Spenser Confidential
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