The Banker
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The Banker (2020)

The Banker

Don’t pay the man. Be the man. 2020/3/6 120 min.


A very entertaining and thought provoking TV serial in which a working girl is sent to an unidentified apartment for a surprise visit from her boss is called The Banker. It is a supernatural thriller story that also features a maid who lives with the banker. The Banker is a series of three TV series that was first aired on ITV in 2020. In this article we will discuss the TV series and its continuation.

The first episode of the series tells us the story of the corporate executive M, who has fallen in love with a new secretary, Amy, but finds herself in the company of a number of sinister characters when she accidentally uncovers her true identity. She is then driven to do something drastic to protect herself and her family from the danger that lies ahead. Her boss, played by actor Paul Mason, is the main villain in the first series and a recurring character in The Banker.

The Banker is an anthology series that is set in the UK and features a number of stories from the world of big business. In The Banker a series of character introductions precedes the opening of each episode that sets the stage for the main plot that follows.

Martin Ofpree (Fawlty Towers) plays the role of James Hughes, who owns a store that works for the Banker. Apart from being a bank clerk, he is also a businessman and also takes part in meetings.

Martina O'Reilly (Luther) plays the role of Joanna Simpson, who works as a bartender in the rooming house where Martina lives. We find her alone at night, when a series of strange events begin to unfold.

Richard Ashar (Charlie Brown) is the part of Alfred Talsley who works as a stockbroker. The Banker series is unusual because the character of Joanna runs intoAlfred in the supermarket where he gets several limes are banned in the series.

Mary Phinney (Big Bang Theory) plays the role of Pamela Hayes, who works as a cleaner in the secretarial office where she works. She also works in the hotel where she also meets the banker, Martin.

The Banker serie is not only a comedy but it is also a character-based drama that explores the various aspects of life. We see how M gets closer to other people and how she struggles to protect herself and her family.

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