The Grudge
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The Grudge (2020)

The Grudge

2020/1/2 93 min.


I recently had the pleasure of watching the TV series "The Grudge" with my kids. This TV series features an array of different characters from the past and present. One of these characters is the only black American in the series.

This television series was created by Joel Silver, an American actor. The series premiered on the WB Network in 2020 and lasted for eight seasons.

In the TV series, which aired during the early nineties, The Grudge starred Christopher Reeve as a man who was born blind and has lost his sight to time. He has also developed a hatred for the Italians and has plotted his revenge by killing them all.

After the first season of the series, the movie adaptation followed. When watching the movie, it was quite impressive to see how much detail and depth were put into the plot of the story. Many of the scenes where this show's plot line was quite dark. Though it wasn't too graphic, the cinematography was extremely dark.

When watching the show, I was quite amazed with how realistic the entire show felt and because the characters in the show were based on real people from real life, the plot line of the show seemed more real and so did the movies. The Grudge became a popular show and is still widely watched today.

Because of the success of the first episode of the series, the second season of the show was filmed and it was released in theatres. During the season, many actors were added to the cast. Some of the names who were added to the cast of the show were Samuel L. Jackson, James Coburn, Christina Ricci, Lionel Richie, Paz de la Huerta, Michael McKean, Charo and Tim Roth.

The first season of the series earned the highest ratings of any show on TV at the time and its popularity continued through to the fifth season. One of the reasons for the series' high ratings is its dark and disturbing storyline, which left many viewers surprised. Although some viewers found the violent nature of the show disturbing, most found it entertaining.

The Grudge is such a great series that is so believable and entertaining, I highly recommend watching it. I am sure you will be very entertained watching the television series, though if you have not watched the show yet, I suggest you start with it before diving into the movie.

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