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The Half of It (2020)

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A different kind of love story. 2020/5/1 104 min.


One may wonder why a movie has been made based on The Half of It's story. The Half of It is an autobiography written by the author Barry Humphries. The author was very frustrated in life and in his adult life he realizes that he has experienced a lot of pain and suffering that others have not been exposed to.

The author says in his book that his experiences in his childhood and adolescence, his twenties and his thirties were somehow distorted, which caused him to suffer a lot, sometimes at the hands of others, and for some periods of time he lost his sense of direction and identity. In order to forget the traumas of his childhood and adolescent years and to cope with the negative incidents of his adult life, he resorted to writing down his personal experiences.

As it is his desire to share with others what he experienced in his younger days, and also to explain to them what he believes to be the reasons for the negative experiences he had in his life, The Half of It was made into a movie. The story was enhanced to make the film into a more realistic and yet more entertaining story. A good movie in any form makes the audience laugh and goes along with it.

The movie was made into a DVD; the release date was planned for three months prior to the DVD's release. This gives more room for the filmmakers to tweak and make changes according to the DVD release. It should also be noted that DVD releases are often the last step in the film's development before its ultimate release in theaters. The plot twists were also already finalized.

The movie is similar to its story, in fact if it was a movie made from scratch by a scriptwriter and a director, then the story of The Half of It would have been a bit different. The producer of the movie saw that it had the power to create a storm on the box office and decided to give it a go.The movie was actually aired on TV channels in its first episode on the Sci-Fi channel (Canal 28) but soon after it started gaining popularity on other channels. The movie played in more than ten countries worldwide and received rave reviews all over the world.

The Half of It is one of the most talked about shows in the website Movie Guild and Yahoo Answers as well as across many blogs in the Internet. Many people are actually watching the movie every week, while there are some who have recommended it to their friends.

The Half of It is the latest release from the serie, but not the last one in the serie. It continues the storyline of A Walk to Remember and continues to be a hit. As the movie continues to be watched, the interest level increases each week.

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