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The Hunt (2020)

The Hunt

The ultimate human hunting experience 2020/3/11 90 min.


In the series of The Hunt for Red October, the American-born Jake Haverford (Seth Rogen) is enlisted to be the intelligence officer of the ship, the USS Venture. Haverford's assignment is to ensure that no evidence of illegal activities takes place on board and therefore, keep an eye on Russian spy Leon Vainsey (John Ortiz). But in order to do this, Haverford needs to go to Canada, where he has a long-standing rivalry with the hockey star, Blake (Will Forte). He enlists the help of his friend, Charlie Bassett (Josh Peck), a Canadian, and "caveman" New York City guy, who happens to be a sniper who can quickly track down the Russians on the front lines.

The Hunt for Red October was released by Columbia Pictures. It also received an Oscar nomination for Best Picture of the Year. The screenplay was written by Mark Boal, who previously wrote the screenplay for Zero Dark Thirty. The movie stars Seth Rogen, John Turturro, Rachael Leigh Cook, Katie Holmes, John Leguizamo, Rob Riggle, Jack Black, Kate Beckinsale, Max Martini, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ed Oxenbould, Kyle Chandler, and Julia Stiles. A lot of people remember this movie because it was also the source of the "Make Love, Not War" TV series.

Many mystery fanatics are not only fans of the series, but they may have a fascination with Russian espionage. There are many books written on the subject, so it would be easy to say that this movie is part of a great mystery novel. However, it is actually not.

In truth, there is nothing common knowledge about the spy game that is depicted in this movie. We can't even call this a mystery film, since we can't know for sure whether what was happening is real or fake.

Another problem with The Hunt for Red October is that the story seemed to be very convoluted. For example, Leon is sent by his superior to infiltrate a terrorist cell in Canada, while also kidnapping two FBI agents. Then, two months later, he is in the Russian embassy trying to negotiate a prisoner exchange. These events happen like clockwork, but I guess the writers of this movie did not think it through very well.

The ending of The Hunt for Red October leaves a lot to be desired. We have Leon thinking he has killed the leaders of the terrorists and is now free, when all he actually did was to kidnap their wives. The final scene with the government agent just shows him walking away, while Leon is shot and falls to the ground.

The movie ends with one of the best lines in the history of movies, "Well, that's it. I'm going to come back." It was a nice ending for a movie that was disappointing in a lot of ways. It makes you wonder why this movie was made in the first place.

If you want to see a DVD copy of The Hunt for Red October, it is available at online movie database sites like CinemaBlend. It is rated PG-13 for action and for some language. For other online sites, check out IMDb.

Original title The Hunt
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