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All the music played by the Rhythm Section in The Color Purple (TUP) is given a dramatic impact by the musical accompaniment in the background. While almost all movies have great songs and those that play music in the background are usually more imaginative, these are generally overlooked in favor of the excellent sound effects. With TUP, though, one is not only hearing great music that will make you want to dance or sing along, but that theme music is played with a lot of emotion and drama. There is also music played by the rhythm section that is set to contemporary pieces.

Some of the themes that will be heard in TUP are, "Bloody Mary," "Heaven," "I Could Die For You," "Lonely Town," "Out Of The Past," "Romance," "The Water Boy," "Briggs & Ball," "Run, Free Man," "Reagan"Seasons Of Your Life." I thought that the music played by the rhythm section was just magnificent. It never stood out from the film, but instead, blended well with the movie's mood.

The set list for The Color Purple features music by Bach, Holst, Mozart, Vivaldi, Haydn, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Scarlatti, Conti, Piana, Landini, Petri, and Tchou. The cinematography is stunning with scenes of New York City at night, bustling street markets, lush landscapes, and vibrant, red, and orange hues. The Color Purple is a beautiful movie with a great soundtrack.

The French Partridge Horn provides a sultry, symphonic sound that adds a great feel to the entire score. The bass has an airy feel and is perfect for dusky, dark, romantic scenes.

The songs also compliment the many a cappella ensembles that will perform the film. The Brass Ensemble plays a beautiful, brass-heavy theme, the Young Turks from New York, who will be conducting their own interpretation of the TUP theme, and the Millville Orchestra, a small ensembles with wonderful musicians, will be conducting their own version of the film's theme.

I was able to appreciate this movie on the long drive up into Long Island where there was a white-light vision and brilliant lights. Throughout the movie, one can feel the rhythm section and background music on the radio playing as if they were right there in the movie. My personal favorite song, "In The Mood," makes me feel like I am in a New York City music hall.

I was impressed by the experience of watching this movie and hearing the orchestra members of the same name to the same music. "Rochelle" was very powerful and moving and the other works of the most renowned artists of our time are simply spectacular.

Even the smoke and the white-light vision and the star-studded world of The Color Purple is perfectly portrayed by the sounds from the rhythm section. This is a must see movie and I highly recommend that you watch it.

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