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Trolls World Tour is an action-adventure fantasy that is currently the best-selling online animated film. This online movie was made by Team Two and has been downloaded around 4 million times. This film, along with the others in the movie series, have made a considerable impact on the online viewers.

Although the makers of this film do not claim to be successful, they have made a very successful film. The movie portrays a young warrior called T.J. A Troll named Sneaky, who also happens to be T.J.'s friend and mentor, as he guides him through his battle to save the world from an evil Troll.

In the film, a group of Trolls have made themselves comfortable at one of their den sites, known as a Dungeoneering cavern. The cave is where T.J. (played by the actor Mark Strong) is about to battle the Cave Trolls. However, the cave trolls attack T.J., forcing him to flee. Fortunately, T.J. manages to escape and regroups with his friends.

T.J. returns to his friends' tribe, where the tribe leader, Astrid (Liv Tyler), rescues him and finds out that the troll leader has sent several teams of Trolls to steal some of the most precious ancient items on the planet - the Amulet of Avarice and the Stone of Agamotto. Now, the Trolls are after these highly valuable artifacts. With these highly prized possessions at stake, T.J. and his friends are in for a big surprise.

With no time to lose, T.J. and his friends devise a plan to stop the Trolls before they have the chance to steal the items and use them for their own purposes. They plan to form a strategy to distract the Trolls from the stolen treasures. When they eventually capture the things, the opportunity to steal them back is there for the taking.

When the Trolls are captured, T.J. learns the location of the items, but he does not know how to get to them. He then gets help from one of his friends, Nate (Pierce Gagnon), who is a talented blacksmith. The two team up to build a working golden hook which will enable T.J. to scale the walls of the cave and enter the place where the items are kept.

Together, the two friends create the magical hook, with the help of Astrid (Liv Tyler) and Nate (who has been given the name of Trout), and they then enter the cave. Using the hook, they take the Amulet of Avarice and the Stone of Agamotto back to their tribe.

The movie series continues with Trolls Unlimited, Troll Hunters, Trolls Unleashed, Troll Hunters: The Last Stand, Troll Army, Troll Academy, Troll Attack, Troll Princess, Troll Killer, Troll Squad, Troll Hunter 2, Troll Wars and Troll: Unmasked. All these movies continue to maintain the popularity of Trolls World Tour, which has been rated as a nine by the Parents Entertainment Council.

Original title Trolls World Tour
TMDb Rating 7.8 19 votes

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