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Ultras (2020)


2020/3/9 109 min.


The first DVD of a Movie, titled "Odyssey" was released on the "Movie Collection" section of the online store by the Ultras. Although not officially released on DVD, Ultras still states that it's available on the stores, which also post information about other Ultras series, like movies, TV shows and concerts, which are being released in "movie collections".

While searching for the download of the movie on Ultras, I came across a site called "Ultramax.net". Ultras directed by Keiichi Okabe, directed by Taku Kishimoto. It was released in 2020.

In the movie, the characters gathered around the familiar TV screen where they watched "Odyssey" and heard their favorite song. The song was "Ariadne's Web" composed by Keiichi Okabe and Taku Kishimoto. The background was a movie theater, which is used as the backdrop in the movie.

In the movie, after the credits rolled, they found themselves back in the theater, where the film played one more time. The lights dimmed, and a cast member approached the screen to say that they're almost out of time. The cast member was an old man, looking very aged but still wore a fez hat.

Mr. Irouz said he would turn on some music for the audience, and everyone, including the audience, nodded in agreement. The old man bowed and then sang the song "Yume no Ie" by Kamisato Kakeru. It was the song he had been waiting for.

Next, there was a scene where two boys who were called "Neo-Throne"Apollo" as well as the big shot, the "Socialist" and the CEO (who was also known as "Distinguished Gentleman") fought. They shouted their usual catch phrases and insults at each other while standing opposite each other on opposite sides of the screen. In the middle of the scene was an envelope with a large red label that said "HOLD."

"Odyssey" was over, and the footage was shown in reverse order, starting from the left to the right and finishing with the right side, where Neo-Throne and Socialist were fighting each other. The applause for the credits for the show were very loud.

A red envelope was then passed, and two new cast members were introduced. They were a girl who was called Miriam Bell, and her friend who was named Priscilla Bell. In the credits, their last names were written as "S.M. B. ".

Original title Ultras
TMDb Rating 6.4 182 votes

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